Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A.

Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A.


Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A.
Rua do Patrocínio, 94
1399-019 Lisboa

T: (+351) 213 907 373
F: (+351) 213 978 754
W: www.rcf.pt

António de Aragão – ata@rcf.pt
João Jorge – joao.jorge@rcf.pt

Company profile:

Raul César Ferreira (Herd.) S.A. is a well-established company in the industrial property field, founded in 1929, and today regarded one of the leading firms in Portugal. RCF is a dedicated IP services firm with proven expertise in all fields of industrial property. RCF works in Portugal, in the African Portuguese speaking countries of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, in Timor and also in Macao.

The Trademark Department has expertise in clearance searches and search opinions, prosecution, enforcement and oppositions in national, community and international trademarks, as well as litigation.

The Patent Department offers expertise in several technical areas (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, mechanical engineering, etc) as well as offering expert knowledge of drafting, prosecution, enforcement and litigation.

Further, RCF has a vast expertise in matters such as supplementary protection certificates, utility models, designs, copyrights, and also in IP-related due diligence – namely: validity analysis, infringement analysis, technical expertise in litigation, infringement probative searches, state-of-the-art and advanced technical searches, skilled surveillance, maintenance and technical translations.

Remarkably, RCF has developed a very effective anti-counterfeiting strategy that IP owners have adhered to, and which has transpired to be highly effective in achieving the required results.

Areas of specialisation:

Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Utility Models, Copyrights, Domain Names

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