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Unitary Patent system ‘exceeds expectations’ since launch | SMEs represent 35.5% of registered patents | Experts urge caution amid optimism, emphasising confidence in court judgments critical for predictability.

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Well-resourced NPEs looking to play the injunction card are eyeing up the court—companies with European operations should prepare, say Tom Oliver and Jessica Rosethorn of Powell Gilbert.
As the UPC Court of Appeal confirms that legal representation is required to request access to court documents, Nicholas Fox and Alex Robinson of Mathys & Squire explain why the court’s actions have not met expectations.
This year's developments may include a shift to English, a division in Ireland, and rulings from the Court of Appeal, predict Thomas Prock and Mike Gilbert of Marks & Clerk.m
Memories of votes against the Nice and Lisbon treaties play on the mind—can attorneys convince the public why it matters? Sarah Speight finds out more.
The court has shown its determination to avoid delay and try cases on the merits within a year, notes Wouter Pors of Bird & Bird.
From the UPC and GIs to Gummy Bears and Lewis Hamilton—Nick Bolter and Eva Baliner-Poggi of Morgan Lewis walk us through the EU's highlights.
Is the court’s public access rule unfit for purpose? Lawyers at Mathys & Squire are arguing for pleadings and evidence to be automatically made available on request, finds Muireann Bolger.
Concerns over access to documents and information are growing—and what the court does next may define the forum. Muireann Bolger speaks with Marks & Clerk, Zoeller, Bird & Bird and EIP to hear why.
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Court confirms its tally of filings and actions since June opening | German location remains by far the most popular venue for litigation | Local Milan division receives three actions.
Munich in pole position for infringement actions, followed by two other German divisions | One language dominates nearly half of the proceedings, but another features widely.
Future of transparency at Unified Patent Court rests upon crucial hearing in Ocado v Autostore | Mathys & Squire’s separate ‘test’ case challenges public access to evidence at the court | Judge Ingeborg Simonsson will act as judge-rapporteur.
Court announces new appointments several months following initial tranche of new TQJs | Judges will take up part-time and full-time positions and mostly represent Germany, the Netherlands and France.
Interactive statistics chart shows more than 5,000 requests for unitary effect | Data can be filtered by country, language and technology sector.
With years of breaking developments, interviews and analysis to draw from, here are some of WIPR’s most-read UPC stories.
The move by the respected UK firm “consolidates the firm’s role” in the Unified Patent Court | All 14 partners admitted to practise in Ireland.
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