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CJEU affirms Indo-European Foods' standing to challenge a trademark registration despite Brexit | Decision addresses post-Brexit uncertainty of proceedings initiated before the transition period | Court stresses that ‘legal interest’ exists from the start of an action until the final judgment.   21 June 2024
Trade secrets
US federal judge caveats that Richard Branson’s space company can only share the information with contractors on its ‘mothership’ programme | Move is latest in the trade secrets dispute started by Boeing, which accuses Virgin of stealing confidential information for its space tourism project.   21 June 2024
Trade secrets
Magistrate stand-in not authorised to answer jury questions, says eleventh circuit in precedential opinion | Florida judge left to catch flight before verdict given | Dispute between shrimp breeders concerns “unique” breeding method.   20 June 2024
IBM, Bank of America, Microsoft, Sony, and others accused of patent infringement over authentication and verification tech | Suit by New York registered company alleges willful infringement and induced infringement.   20 June 2024
Artificial Intelligence
Adam Schiff’s bill would address copyright owners’ concerns around AI model training, but could have significant IT implications, says Anna Chauvet of Finnegan.   20 June 2024
Trade secrets
The latest mega suit adds to growing evidence that complex supply chains are proving risky for the sector's booming battery industry, finds Muireann Bolger.   19 June 2024
Association filed amicus brief to Ninth Circuit in support of plaintiff Yuga Labs | Lanham Act does not limit definition of goods and services, INTA said.   19 June 2024
The country’s location and infrastructure projects paint a compelling picture for investors, so what’s the situation for brands? Sofia Araújo of Inventa explains.   19 June 2024
Trade secrets
Can the FTC push through a law that has riled America Inc? Unlikely, says the lawyer appointed by the world’s largest HR group opposing the move.   18 June 2024
Multinational tech company is not well known enough to be granted rare ‘enhanced‘ protection in Singapore | Opposition to ‘Tiki’ mark rejected by IP office | Bytedance argued that an India-China video app dispute influenced the case.   18 June 2024

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