Yorkshire-born Matt Dixon of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys firmly believes that to become a patent attorney, it shouldn't matter where you come from, discovers Sarah Speight.

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Imposter syndrome, family commitments and a male-designed system can all hinder women’s participation in professional networking, but some female-led groups are initiating change, writes Juliana Neves of Licks Attorneys.
A pair of gutsy Peruvian women showed how IP rights, a good plan and sheer determination can transform the lives of communities in the Amazon rainforest and elsewhere.
As Morgan Lewis associate Kandis Gibson comes to the end of her term as President of the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia (WBA), she shares her advice for the next generation of lawyers.
The conversation on how law firms can better protect the wellbeing and mental health of their employees has been reignited over the past few months. Could there finally be a culture shift ahead? Sarah Speight reports.
A career in STEM and IP felt like a natural fit for Gillian Taylor from Reddie & Grose, until she realised that, as a woman, she was part of a small minority in the patent profession.
As SCOTUS bars affirmative action in colleges and law firms face suits over their diversity programmes, campaigners warn that this is not the time to abandon the good fight. Muireann Bolger reports.
WIPR spoke to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office’s director general to find out how the country is striving to close the gender gap, tackling injustices against minorities and adapting for the future.
The inequality of gender within innovation in Brazil is a pressing issue that cannot be overlooked, say Tatiana Machado and Vivian Coco of Licks Attorneys.
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Research published this quarter shows that the legal sector has one of the largest disparities in earnings between men and women on both sides of the pond. WIPR Diversity takes an overview of recent findings.
Research shows that gender parity in international patenting will only be achieved in 2061. Ann Chaplin, the chip maker’s general counsel, shares how the company is aiming to accelerate this timeline.
As the market for talented IP attorneys intensifies, it is vital to reach out to tomorrow’s trailblazers. Marisa Woutersen shares insights from a conference featuring Meta’s Braxton Davis.
As the movement against D&I gathers pace, especially in the lone star state, Vera Suarez of Haynes Boone in Texas explains why all is not lost.
There are still challenges facing LGBTQ+ lawyers internationally—64 countries worldwide have enacted anti-gay laws and bias persists in many more. The issue merits a proper discussion, says Darren Smyth of EIP and IP Out.
The former US Federal Circuit judge is an inspirational figure in many spheres. She tells WIPR why, after all her plaudits, she’s just “a nerd who loves the law”.
Deal with Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty changes definition and practices of diversity within the legal profession | New definition includes people with ‘differing characteristics, beliefs and viewpoints’ | Resolves lawsuit challenging ‘discriminatory practices’ in the Bar's internship programme.
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