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Federal Cartel Office says alliance of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW and ThyssenKrupp can go ahead | To avoid sanctions, the car makers must focus negotiations on SEPs that can be applied in other industries—not just automotive.

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A vote adopting new rules is sending shockwaves through the tech patent industry—but a high number of abstentions shows that ‘the debate is not over’, finds Sarah Speight.
Criticism of the European Commission’s proposal to regulate standard-essential patents is mounting from prominent voices, making implementation look increasingly unlikely, finds Sarah Speight.
The European Commission’s draft regulation for standard essential patents sparked lively debate, but where are we now and are the proposals likely to be implemented? Tom Foster of Taylor Wessing brings us up to speed.
Proposals to regulate standard-essential patents are well-intentioned but could place the EU’s innovation, economy and judicial systems at risk, argues Marianne Schaffner.
Ahead of his departure in September, WIPR asked the executive director of the EU Intellectual Property Office to reflect on not being re-elected, proud moments and what he plans to do next.
After the European Commission finally published its proposals to reform standard-essential patent licensing, we share views from SEP holders and implementers in part one of a two-part focus on industry reaction.
The decision revealed plenty about how FRAND disputes may play out while cementing the UK as an alternative European venue, says Tess Waldron of Powell Gilbert.
In disputes over confidential information, certain resolution methods hold distinct advantages—from decision-makers with technical expertise to ex parte contact. Sarah Speight reports.
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The High Court found Lava to be an ‘unwilling licensee’ and ordered it to pay almost $30m in damages in this case that dealt with FRAND terms, unfair conduct and SEP principles, say Sonal Madan and Nanki Arneja of Chadha & Chadha.
Swedish multinational asked court to hand jurisdiction over global cross-licence to US court | Judge said FRAND determination on cellular SEPs would be ‘a first’ for US district court.
New partner brings expertise in standard-essential patents across several technologies | Firm aims to strengthen pan-European offering.
Ericsson’s triumph at the Delhi High Court was not only an unusual case, it has set a precedent for more standard-essential patent litigation in India. Lead counsel for the smartphone manufacturer, Saya Choudhary Kapur of Singh & Singh, tells us more.
Landmark case sees the Swedish smartphone firm win record damages against Indian tech rival | Dispute concerned standard-essential patents covering 2G, 3G and Edge technologies | Judgment will ‘pave the way’ for future SEP litigation in the country, Ericsson counsel tells WIPR.
The office’s executive director appears primed to face a tenure that could be marked by major changes—including the addition of SEPs, finds Muireann Bolger.
South Korean manufacturer alleges patent infringement and breach of FRAND obligations | Pantech claims Chinese phone maker had ‘chosen not to take licences’ despite offers.
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