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22 May 2024   Restrictions on the advertising of baby formula “a clear attack on brands” says INTA panel | Echoes of prohibition with “bandaged solutions to difficult questions” | ‘Pushback’ from the association over a resolution, says Nestlé GC.

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Slight variations in evidence can lead to vastly different outcomes in disputes—and prior decisions cannot be relied on as indicators of success, says Massimo Cimoli of De Simone & Partners, Dennemeyer & Associates Italy.
Applicants who copy a small number of trademarks can still be found to have obvious malicious intent, say Charles Feng, Max Zhang and Lian Xue of Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm.
Due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine is facing significant challenges; however, IP rights have remained intact amidst these difficulties. As the country undergoes reconstruction, IP rights play a crucial role in this essential endeavour, writes Riikka Palmos of Papula-Nevinpat.
Victor Adames of BCB Law & Business explores the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and intellectual property, discussing both the challenges and opportunities it presents.
India’s thriving innovation ecosystem has helped the country buck the global trend of diminished IP activity and show rises in patents, trademarks, designs and GIs, says Ashwin Julka of Remfry & Sagar.
COVID-19, military attacks, inflation and high prices for fuel/electricity has changed ordinary shopping behaviour among consumers in Europe, including Sweden.
Amendments to China’s Trademark Law has expanded the scope for registering unconventional marks but significant challenges for applicants remain, say Gang Hu and Justin Jiang of China Patent Agent (HK).
The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa in terms of land area and population. Despite challenges, it has significant potential for economic growth and development. Efforts to improve governance, invest in infrastructure, promote diversification, harness the country’s natural resources more sustainably and update IP legislation could contribute to unlocking this potential and positioning DRC as one of Africa’s leading economies.
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16 May 2024   Counterfeit goods could account for £1 in every £20 spent in six years’ time | Worldwide sales tax revenues suffered £139 billion loss due to counterfeits in 2022.
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