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19 June 2024   The latest mega suit adds to growing evidence that complex supply chains are proving risky for the sector's booming battery industry, finds Muireann Bolger.

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Despite its risks, AI can be a useful partner in patent applications. Shwetangi Sinha and Vasu Bral of Sagacious IP offer a useful guide for patent attorneys.
The author of the AI (Regulation) Bill spoke to Liz Hockley about why the UK needs to urgently establish its own approach to the technology.
Ahead of a panel session at this year’s INTA Annual Meeting moderated by the Brand Safety Alliance, industry experts and panellists share their views on domain blocking and the recently launched GlobalBlock service.
Sustainability goals aimed at reducing packaging throw-up issues for the luxury sector in particular and 2024 could be a landmark year, explain Giles Crown and Elena Glengarry of Taylor Wessing.
Anne Burkhart, who sits at the heart of a US university’s commercial arm, tells Sarah Speight that good ideas must not only be viable, but also socially beneficial, to be truly successful.
As AI empowers us to track more and better KPIs, the IP industry is finally being equipped with the data and capacity it needs to provide tangible indicators of return on IP investment, says Marcia Chang of Tradespace.
Off the back of a failed ‘bizarre experiment’ to mediate between Big Tech and creatives, the government’s failure to lead left copyright holders in limbo, finds Sarah Speight.
Had the photographer sued tattooist Kat Von D in England he may have succeeded—but that still leaves the problem of enforcing an injunction. Tom Moore of Bird & Bird gets under the skin of an unusual case.
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1 May 2024   Now organisations are more informed on LLMs, what does the future hold and how do you protect yourself in a world increasingly shaped by AI?
29 April 2024   Company secures capital from the bank to support business expansion | New loans aimed at supporting high-growth firms | NatWest allows businesses to borrow against software, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and registered designs.
26 April 2024   Germany and France top cleantech innovator countries | IP acts as as “motivator” for companies to invest in sustainable products | Singapore trails green innovation focus with IPOS update.
25 April 2024   Seoul-headquartered company’s Energy division to establish global licensing model in response to widespread infringement | Plans include enhancing litigation capabilities to sue manufacturers that do not comply.
18 April 2024   Despite inevitable ambiguity, published analysis on Japanese copyright law and AI will provide important insight until cases are decided in the courts, say Yoshiniori Okamoto of Yuasa and Hara and Jin Yoshikawa of Adams and Reese.
15 April 2024   Intellectual Ventures accuses Tesla of infringing a dozen wireless communication patents | Suit follows litigation against Volvo last year.
15 April 2024   Patlytics closed a seed round led by Gradient Ventures | Lawyers among group of investors | Software automates aspects of the patent process.
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