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ParTec CEO Bernhard Frohwitter targets tech giant over technology used in cloud computing platform Azure | Suit follows Google’s historic settlement with an AI software company earlier this year.

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Adam Schiff’s bill would address copyright owners’ concerns around AI model training, but could have significant IT implications, says Anna Chauvet of Finnegan.
Despite its risks, AI can be a useful partner in patent applications. Shwetangi Sinha and Vasu Bral of Sagacious IP offer a useful guide for patent attorneys.
Data licensing has become big business but companies like Reddit are selling in a market of unknowns, says Giles Parson of Browne Jacobson.
MPs representing the music industry are lobbying the government for a 'personality right' to protect from AI deepfakes and false endorsements, and all creative artists would benefit, argue Andrew Wilson-Bushell and Catherine Clover of Simkins.
The author of the AI (Regulation) Bill spoke to Liz Hockley about why the UK needs to urgently establish its own approach to the technology.
When someone shared an image made using StableDiffusion on social media, the ensuing case drew wide attention and set a precedent, explains Hongxia Wu of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.
The office is not backing down over Stephen Thaler’s appeal to copyright an AI-generated landscape image. Ron Dreben, Meaghan Kent and Matthew Julyan of Morgan Lewis explain why.
Off the back of a failed ‘bizarre experiment’ to mediate between Big Tech and creatives, the government’s failure to lead left copyright holders in limbo, finds Sarah Speight.
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From celebrity ‘endorsements’ to rogue movie piracy apps, the technology is creating a new wave of fakery, hears Sarah Speight at the EUIPO conference in Alicante.
Despite inevitable ambiguity, published analysis on Japanese copyright law and AI will provide important insight until cases are decided in the courts, say Yoshiniori Okamoto of Yuasa and Hara and Jin Yoshikawa of Adams and Reese.
Patlytics closed a seed round led by Gradient Ventures | Lawyers among group of investors | Software automates aspects of the patent process.
New bill introduced to Congress would require full disclosure from companies ahead of generative AI models being released | USPTO also publishes further guidance on AI use in IP proceedings before the office.
Report highlights the concerns over creatives' incomes, royalty rates, and ‘gaps’ in the UK copyright regime | ‘Smart Fund’ proposal would see tech firms pay small fee from device sales | MPs stress need for enforceable mechanisms of remuneration and new copyright rules if necessary | Lack of a private copying scheme is ‘preventing’ creators from receiving payments from the UK and abroad.
It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or anxious about new technologies sometimes—in fact, it’s to be expected. Muireann Bolger reports on a conference session looking at how we can achieve healthier digital lives.
A New York court ruling denies attempts by California authors to wade into other high-profile suits against OpenAI and Microsoft | Cases concern the allegations of unauthorised use of copyrighted materials to train AI models | Ruling comes after OpenAI and Microsoft fight back and authors face setback.
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