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Get the Information Edge with Practice Insight

Practice Insight
Siegfriedstrasse 8
80803 Munich
Telephone: +49 (0) 89 89 05 788 0
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Wolfgang Danner, General Manager -
Pirjo Niemi, Global Head of Marketing -
Pierina Sanna, Director Sales IP (EMEA) -

Company Profile:

Get the Information Edge with Practice Insight

Since its inception in 2010, Practice Insight has been at the forefront of big data analysis. The ability to collect, analyze and utilize big data is a key factor for companies that want to be a step ahead of their competitors. We develop software products that give users an exclusive insight into big data helping them retain their competitive edge.

Practice Insight is a subsidiary of the publicly listed IPH Group (ASX: IPH) with the head office based in Perth, Australia, customer care and business development in Munich, Germany and sales presence in the US and Asia Pacific. Combined we have a global team working together to develop and maintain software solutions that are unique in the fields of intellectual property management, patent data analysis and time management. 

Our products, Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle give users the vital IP information that they need to make informed decisions. WIseTime provides users with time management insight to deliver them time and cost efficiencies. For more information about Practice Insight visit

Our Leading Edge Software Solutions

Citation Eagle

Citation Eagle provides users with the ability to easily find and monitor global patent citations by applicant or law firm within a database of more than 1.5 billion records. Citation Eagle recognizes which patents you own or manage, thereby automating the monitoring and giving you search results that are always timely and relevant. Citation Eagle provides you with results of possible licensing opportunities, any opposition proceedings or infringement/invalidity actions. Visit

Filing Analytics

Grow your business by gaining insight into case flows between IP firms or applicants. With Filing Analytics, the most powerful market and competitor analysis tool in IP, you can trace patent filings covering more than 56,000 firms across 33 countries. Spot workflow trends to take advantage of opportunities before your competitors. Use Filing Analytics to access the latest reciprocity intelligence to ensure your business development and travel planning is focused and efficient. Visit

For law firms:

  • Reciprocity overview
  • Recent filings
  • Client lists for PCT and Paris Convention Filings
  • Upcoming regional phase entries
  • International case exchange including case details

For corporates:

  • Number of aggregate filings
  • Case flow: Filing strategy and volumes of PCT and Paris Convention filings
  • Technology of PCT and Paris Convention filings
  • Global representation
  • Recent filings


WiseTime is the worlds first seamless and automatic time capturing program. No more manual time entries, or stop and start timers. WiseTime automatically captures all online and offline activities from software programs to documents titles, customer and reference numbers. You choose which timekeeping records you post, and keep personal records for your eyes only. WiseTime is an ideal tool for law firms, HR, IT, project teams, freelancers and remote workers. Visit

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Intellectual Property analysis software
  • Patent reciprocity
  • PCT filings
  • Paris Convention filings
  • Upcoming PCT applications
  • Time tracking
  • Automatic time capture
  • Time management

Key Contacts:

wolfgang-150x135.jpgWolfgang Danner
General Manager



pirjo-150x135.jpgPirjo Niemi
Global Head of Marketing



pierina-new-150-135.jpgPierina Sanna
Director Sales IP (EMEA)

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