Fernandez Manzo & Asociados, S.C.

Fernandez Manzo & Asociados, S.C.


Fernandez Manzo & Asociados, S.C.

PO Box 10-823,
Zip Code 11000, Mexico City. 
México, D.F.

T: (5255) 5514-5126 / 5525-5586
F: (5255) 5207-3911
E:  info@fernandezmanzo.com.mx
W: www.fernandezmanzo.com

Herminio Fernandez Manzo (Co-founder and Director)
Gabriela Fernandez Larralde (Manager of the Patent Division) - gabyf@fernandezmanzo.com.mx

Company profile:

Fernandez Manzo is one of the leading firms of Intelectual Property protection in Mexico, with more than 34 years in business.

We are a highly qualified team, as every member of our firm is a specialist in their field and provides dedicated and personalized services with constant innovation, thus contributing with their experience to the attainment of a good evolution in our client’s businesses.

This Office has the mission to perform an integral personalized service fulfilling the needs and responding the expectations of our clients, based on the excellence and integrity of our collaborators.

Our Firm is governed by high levels of ethics, honesty, excellence and experience.

We make our best effort to maximize the attention to the needs and expectations of our clients to provide them constant results.

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