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Bill Lister
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recognised-leaders.jpgBill Lister has a wide range of experience advising UK, US, European and global clients, with a substantial reputation spanning branding issues, registered and unregistered trademarks, copyright, design, patents and trade secrets. He advises a number of global household names, in conjunction with public and private companies, and public sector organisations. He has established himself as a specialist within his field, with his involvement in high profile cases such as Nike & Rugby Football Union v Cotton Traders and Scoredraw v Finch allowing him to explore and study IP rights associated with national emblems. Lister has a wealth of experience representing media clients in matters with the BBC Regulatory Department, OFCOM and IPSOS. He is a regular contributor to hard copy and online legal journals, and is the author of well-received work on High Court practice and procedure.


Tel: +44 0161 835 9655