Zhanqing Tang

Key Details

Ms. Zhanqing Tang joined Chofn IP as a Trademark Attorney in 2013 after graduation. Ms. Tang is currently an attorney at law and partner at Chofn. Zhanqing's practice covers trademark prosecution and enforcement, copyright and domain name, customs protection, unfair competition, trade name & trademark dispute, etc. In particular, she has extensive knowledge about the trademark law and rich experience in all kinds of trademark disputes. What's more, she is good at explaining complex legal issues to clients with clear language. Zhanqing frequently participated in the policy dialogues held by the China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Courts concerning various topics (e.g., amendment of examination guidelines), which enables her to obtain information on the latest practices.

Professional Highlights

Zhanqing is a member of the INTA TOPC (Trademark Office Practice Committee) 2020-2023. She has been elected as an IP Rising Star by Managing Intellectual Property from 2018 to 2020. Ms. Tang has served as a committee member of INTA for several years.

Participation in Wider Community

Professional Affiliations

Zhanqing joined Chofn IP as a Trademark Attorney in 2013 and has became a partner at Chofn IP since 2020.

Academic Affiliations

Zhanqing graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2012 and obtained her double bachelor's degrees in Law and English Literature.

Leader Profiles

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Partner, Trademark Attorney, Attorney-at-Law   Ms. Haiyu Li passed the Chinese bar in 2009 and obtained the lawyer's license in 2013. Before joining Chofn in 2013, Ms. Li worked in two other Chinese firms. Now, she is partner, trademark attorney and attorney-at-law at Chofn IP. Ms. Li advises on brand protection and strategy and is experienced in dealing with cases on copyright, domain name and unfair competition. She represents a wide variety of local, multi-national and foreign-owned businesses across a broad array of industries. Ms. Li serves on INTA's Bulletins Committee. She has contributed many articles to various IP media and has a flair for presenting complex topics in a way that is easily understood and makes sense from a business perspective.   Chofn Intellectual Property
Trademark attorney, LLM   After obtaining her LL.M degree and finishing her practical training in the United States, Wenpei joined Chofn in 2013. Although she left Chofn for two years due to relocation, she came back to Chofn in 2018. With over 8 years of experience in this industry, Wenpei has in-depth and diverse knowledge and practice experience in all aspects of trademark and copyright prosecution and enforcement. Wenpei‚Äôs work focuses on trademark search, opposition, appeal against rejection, invalidation, etc. Besides trademark matters, Wenpei also provides services in respect of domain names and customs. She is able to provide exceptional professional service to clients. She has served many clients such as BBC, Thann, Okamoto, etc.   Chofn Intellectual Property
Partner, Trademark attorney, LLM   Ms. Jia Li is a trademark attorney and partner of Chofn IP. She has considerable experience in trademark prosecution matters. Her practice covers trademark application, opposition, invalidation, corporate IP strategy and portfolio management to Customs border interception and copyright registration. The clarity of her advice always gives the clients a very clear road map, easy to understand and follow. Many clients have described her as giving 'fantastic assistance,' 'impeccable' with quality and consistency.   Chofn Intellectual Property