Robert Jehan

Robert is a European and British patent attorney and also one of a handful of Patent Attorney Advocates and Litigators in the United Kingdom.  Robert also meets the Qualification requirements of the forthcoming UPC; Robert has Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and a Masters in Law specialising in Advanced Litigation. Robert is the original author and editor of the longstanding European Patent Law Reference Work; "European Patent Decisions"; Robert has experience in many technical areas, from his electronics background, and more recently in medical devices, specialist engineering and communications.  He drafts many original patent applications, which benefit from Robert’s deep knowledge of European patent law and his litigation experience. Robert has an extensive litigation practice, having handled hundreds of EPO Opposition and Appeal proceedings, as well as numerous litigation cases in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, including in Germany, the United States and China. He enjoys working closely with clients to ensure that they have the best advice and protection and in a manner that meets their actual needs and expectations.Robert has also been intimately involved in the famous DABUS cases, being the principal advocate for the UK and EPO actions.