19 July 2024   Minister’s role includes oversight of IP, AI regulation, and digital policy | Follows Peter Kyle’s appointment as lead for the same department | Minister has scientific background and served in various shadow ministerial roles.

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Trade secrets
US efforts must form part of a global campaign to protect rights and combat threats to the world’s largest innovation economy, says Frank Cullen, executive director of the Council for Innovation Promotion.
Artificial Intelligence
The Bundesgerichtshof's DABUS decision offers a path for European harmonisation—with the US playing catchup, explains DABUS patent attorney Malte Köllner of Köllner & Partner.
Future of IP
In the first of a series that peeks under the bonnet of firms doing things differently, Sarah Speight speaks with lawyers who chose to go admin-free at Keystone Law.
The SCOTUS review will either chill or empower a court’s discretion to award damages from an infringer’s profits, explains Mark Sommers of Finnegan.
Maître Méridor Kongota Ndelo, who has experience in IP and corporate law, will manage the company's office in Gombe, Kinshasa.
In its first year, uptake of cases at the Unified Patent Court has surpassed most expectations. Darren Smyth of EIP delves into the facts and figures behind the headlines, with some surprising results.
Big changes to New Zealand's IP laws make it vital to understand the new-look rules, says Christopher Young of MinterEllisonRuddWatts.
Artificial Intelligence
Adam Schiff’s bill would address copyright owners’ concerns around AI model training, but could have significant IT implications, says Anna Chauvet of Finnegan.
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17 July 2024   Order that company owner appear before court in person was ‘appropriate’ say judges | Decision relates to wider contentious litigation-funding investigation
17 July 2024   Guidance says use of AI in inventing does not affect how patent claims are assessed for eligibility | Emphasis placed on evaluating inventions themselves rather than the method of creation | Updates include new examples to assist examiners in evaluating AI-related patent claims.
16 July 2024   Highly experienced addition spent 24 years at Clifford Chance | Brings experience handling transactions across many sectors, including financial services and telecoms | Addition is set to drive the expansion of Kirkland's London practice.
Standard essential patents
16 July 2024   Counsel for the automaker faced criticism for “perfunctory and inadequate” submissions | Tesla needs worldwide licence for all its 5G SEPs but objects to Avanci’s terms | Bid failed on jurisdictional grounds.
Standard essential patents
15 July 2024   Chipmaker says it wants to restore a “level playing field” for licensees | China-based mobile phone giant argues such suits don't factor in economic differences between regions.
15 July 2024   Chipmaker asked Delaware court for declaratory judgment on patent licence | Intel said lawsuit was ninth attempt to litigate patent rights with NPE.
Standard essential patents
12 July 2024   Lord Justice Arnold questions Judge Mellor’s ‘inconsistent’ previous ruling in Levovo dispute but largely aligns | Lord Justice Birss ‘surprised it took so long to produce draft judgment’ | InterDigital’s bid for 49-50 US cents per unit cut to 22.5 US cents.
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