Dr. Sarit Ben-Shmuel

Key details

Sarit’s expertise covers patent matters in the Life Sciences and Pharma fields, and designs.

She has prosecuted and advised on numerous patents with biological, biotechnological, pharmacological and medical subject matter, such as cell and tissue cultures, antibody drugs, nucleic acid-based drugs, chemical compounds and crystalline forms of compounds. Other areas of expertise include automated tissue engineering, and stem cells.

During the years of practicing biological research, Sarit has accumulated diverse knowledge in many research fields, including mechanisms and therapy approaches of major diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, inflammation, and neurodegenerative diseases, and is highly familiar with the diverse methods and techniques used in research. Her experience enables her to quickly understand the invention and pinpoint the innovative features that should be emphasized in a patent application.

Leader Profiles

Partner   The Luzzatto Group
Head of Software, Cyber, and Electronics, Partner   The Luzzatto Group
Partner, Computer Science and Electronics Department   The Luzzatto Group
Partner, Head of Patent Prosecution   The Luzzatto Group