Adv. Michal Luzzatto

Adv. Michal Luzzatto

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Michal Luzzatto
Head of Copyrights and Managing Partner
The Luzzatto Group

  • Patents
  • Trademarks



Michal is a fifth-generation member of The Luzzatto Group and the managing partner of The Luzzatto Law Firm.

As a photographer and an artist herself, Michal devotes a significant portion of her time promoting the protection of IP rights with an emphasis on copyright and trademarks and works closely with entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and inventors.

Michal's main practice areas are IP ‚Copyright, Patents, Trademarks & Designs, Commercial Law, Communications Law and Internet Law.

Michal believes one should strive to resolve disputes outside of court, and therefore in many cases helps her clients reach creative and effective solutions.

Professional Affiliations

The Israel Bar Association, INTA, APAA, AIPPI, PTMG, ALAI