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Fenix Legal KB
Östermalmstorg 1, 3tr
11437 Stockholm
W: www.fenixlegal.eu
E: info@fenixlegal.eu

Company profile:

Fenix Legal offers legal solutions for the creative minds.

Our team consists of a combination of European patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers, engineers, mediators, as well as business consultants and branding experts, in order to serve clients with “Business focused Intellectual Property”. 

Fenix Legal, with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden, is an International Patent- and Law firm specialised in intellectual property in Scandinavia, Europe and Russia / Eurasia.

Here, our well-known services of patent and trademark prosecution and litigation, copyright protection, domain name registrations and disputes, IP Due Diligence and watching, IP disputes in courts as well as mediation by our Registered Mediators, market and competition law, and business / license agreement practice are important parts of creating and keeping IP protection - especially when it comes to new technology and pharmaceutical industry.

As we say: In an ever-changing world someone has to see the possibilities.

Areas of specialisation:

Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Internet Law, Copyright Law, Commercial Law, Litigation / Mediation and Arbitration, Domain Names, Licensing, Information Technologies, Anti-Counterfeiting/Parallel Imports, IP Portfolio Management, IP Due Diligence//IP Audit

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Leaders profiles

Maria Zamkova

Maria Zamkova

Maria Zamkova is chief executive officer at Fenix Legal. She has a Master’s in industrial design and is a patent and registered…