Interview: Andrew Masterson, PIPCU


Sarah Speight

Interview: Andrew Masterson, PIPCU

As we mark World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, Sarah Speight talks to Andrew Masterson of the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit to find out how he and his team are tackling the problem.

Deliberate consumption of counterfeit goods is rising among young Europeans, according to a new survey from the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Some 37% of people aged between 15 and 24 deliberately bought fake products in the last 12 months—up from 14% in 2019.

While the results show that deliberate online piracy stabilised, at 21% of those surveyed, piracy—along with counterfeit goods—remains a problem, not just in Europe but worldwide.

Detective sergeant Andrew Masterson is part of the UK police department tackling these very issues, many of which extend beyond the country’s borders. For World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, WIPR spoke to him to find out what he does, how he got there and why it’s a job he loves.

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