An interview with António Campinos


OHIM's president, António Campinos, talks to WIPR about modernising the European trademark system and his office's 2011-2015 plan of action.

The financial difficulties of the last few years are not going away. The US has raised its debt ceiling, and in Europe, Greece has received two financial bailouts, while Ireland and Portugal have each had one. European powerhouses Italy and Spain are mooted as being next.

But António Campinos, president of the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) since October 1, 2010, says:“While Community trademark and design applications are rising, that background of economic problems has helped focus our minds on what we need to put in our strategic plan for 2011-2015.”

While OHIM puts the finishing touches to its strategic plan, it has announced changes to its organisational structure that it says will help to deliver operational excellence and foster international co-operation when it executes its plan. OHIM has created five departments and five horizontal services.

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