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The language barrier when searching and understanding prior art

EPO01-12-2010Marianne Holme

There is high demand for better translation tools to improve the understanding of prior patent art in languages other than the official languages of the European Patent Office.

Pharmaceutical patent proceedings

Finland01-12-2010Petri Eskola and Markus Lampinen

In Finland, patent litigation proceedings are handled in the first instance by the District Court of Helsinki.

Trademark functions in practice: the Opel-Blitz-II case

Germany01-12-2010Jens Künzel

The decision in Opel-Blitz II, handed down by the Federal Supreme Court of Germany in January 2010, concerns the use of a trademark of a well-known German automobile manufacturer on miniature replica toy cars.

Trademark infringement and revocation

Hungary01-12-2010Eszter Szakács

An essential characteristic of the patent litigation system in Hungary is that patent infringement proceedings and revocation proceedings are strictly separate.

Oppositions, obviousness and other stories

Israel01-12-2010Dr. Michael Factor

Merck’s patent application entitled Method for Inhibiting Bone Resorption covers an increased unit dose of alendronate and other bisphosphonates for the treatment of Paget’s disease and osteoporosis.

Geographical indications in Japan

Japan01-12-2010Ryo Maruyama

The legal system relating to geographical indications in Japan is divided into three major categories.

Reshaping Malaysian design law

Malaysia01-12-2010Dave A. Wyatt

The jurisdiction report in the July/August 2009 issue of WIPR celebrated a decade of independent industrial design law in Malaysia.

Patentability of human stem cells

Mexico01-12-2010BiotechnologyFernando Antonio-Rincón

The increased understanding of stem cells is one of the major breakthroughs in life sciences of the last decade.

Knowledge economy here to stay

Netherlands01-12-2010Michiel Rijsdijk

Traditionally, the Netherlands has an excellent reputation for its knowledge economy.

Of models and makes

Norway01-12-2010Steiner Lie

In 1999, the Norwegian Intellectual Property Office’s (NIPO) Appeal Board refused the mark L400 for class 12 goods (vehicles) in a decision that was initially ignored by NIPO legal advisors.

Showing 911 to 920 of 1012 results