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Big ten: key court decisions of the year

Canada, China, France, Italy, US01-12-2011

WIPR takes a look at what IP practitioners and commentators have said are some of the most influential court cases to have been decided over the last 12 months.

Impact of the America Invents Act on patent challenges at USPTO

US01-12-2011Eldora Ellison and Deborah Sterling

The AIA was enacted on September 16, 2011, creating new proceedings for challenging patents at the USPTO. Eldora Ellison and Deborah Sterling discuss the predominant post-assurance proceedings that are (or will become) available.

IP Week: four days to find solutions to the crisis


At a time when unity is needed more than ever to tackle sovereign debt issues, there's one particular field where Europeans are gathering to move forward: intellectual property.

Focussed on the future


Ahead of the IP Week discussion panel featuring heads of major patent offices, WIPR talks to Jorge Ávila, president of Brazil's INPI, about international cooperation and PPH.

IP valuation: speaking a common language


IP is increasingly valuable. Many companies rely on their IP assets as key elements of their balance sheets. But it is not always clear how to value IP accurately. WIPR takes a look, in advance of the IP Week panel on IP valuation.

Conference highlights


The IP Week in Brussels promises a varied programme of speakers, ranging across industries and specialities. We've picked out a few particularly intriguing sessions across the four day conference.

The IP Week: getting there and having fun


After the conference sessions have finished, a lively social programme promises to keep delegates entertained during the cold Brussels evenings.

Better borders? The proposed new EU customs regulation

EU01-12-2011Peter O'Byrne and Karen Roberts

The European Commission released a new draft Customs Regulation for the EU in May this year. Will it bring in the changes that IP owners are asking for in European border protection? Peter O'Byrne and Karen Roberts discuss the issues.

Patent information from centres of excellence

01-12-2011Ron Kaminecki

Finding prior art information usually involves searches by subject terms or class codes and can quite often involve patent assignees and inventors as subject terms. Ron Kaminecki explains.

First international conference on IP in Jewish law


In late June, law firm JMB Factor & Co sponsored a full day conference on intellectual property in Jewish law in Jerusalem, in conjunction with Yad HaRav Herzog.

Showing 741 to 750 of 963 results


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