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Do not push: a patent rebellion


Compulsory licensing can seem like a taboo subject among patent professionals, but many countries would argue it is essential. WIPR takes a look at a controversial area of intellectual property to find out more.

Technology transfer: taking a creative approach

01-02-2012Robin Rasor

With the economic crisis continuing to affect universities in diverse ways, technology transfer professionals are getting creative. AUTM president Robin Rasor explains.

Changing the game for tech transfer offices

01-02-2012Daniel Nadis

Generating knowledge and transferring it to the world remains the core mission of research universities across the globe. Daniel Nadis looks at how tech transfer offices can become more effective in this mission.

Points of principle: the Unitary Patent package


European patent reform is getting closer. A June 2012 deadline has been set for participating EU member states to agree on a final unitary patent package, but not everyone is happy with it. WIPR finds out more.

Clearing up: examination guidelines for pharma patents

Philippines01-01-2012Editha R. Hechanova and Fe Belen Bello

Questions of discovery and efficacy are pivotal in patenting new products, as Editha Hechanova and Fe Belen Bello explain.

Code reform in Romania

Romania01-01-2012Dragosh Marginean

Small, but possibly significant, changes relating to appeals and provisional measures are coming to the industrial property laws. Dragosh Marginean reports.

Reaching out: BIO abroad


For the Biotechnology Industry Organization, key developing markets pose particular challenges in terms of IP and also in a wider context. LSIPR spoke to Joe Damond and Lila Feisee about international affairs.

Business brief 2012: Sweden

Sweden01-01-2012Petter Rindforth and Maria Zamkova

A Swedish patent application is filed with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, and is granted for a term of up to 20 years from the submission date.

Business brief 2012: Turkey

Turkey01-01-2012Hamdi Yasaman and Fülürya Yusufoğlu

The current law governing patent practice in Turkey is Decree-Law No. 551 pertaining to the protection of utility models and patent rights in Turkey, which has been in force since June, 1995.

Business brief 2012: Venezuela

Venezuela01-01-2012Emilia Díaz-Guijarro and Maria Nebreda

To obtain protection over an invention our Industrial Property Law provides that an application should be submitted before the Venezuelan Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Showing 741 to 750 of 988 results