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Emotional Perception’s High Court win is a glimmer of hope for AI-related inventions

UK08-12-2023Bruce Dearling

After the England and Wales High Court found that the UKIPO had erred in excluding an AI-related invention from patentability, counsel for the appellant Bruce Dearling believes this could mark a welcome change of direction from a formerly restrictive legislative regime.

'The new oil’: how an Asian semiconductor firm won a chip battle on US soil—and why it matters

07-12-2023Muireann Bolger

McKool Smith principal Steve Rizzi tells WIPR about his success in defending a Taiwanese company in a semiconductor dispute and why patent wars in this space are only just beginning.

Exploring gender inequality in Brazil’s IP system

Brazil06-12-2023Tatiana Machado and Vivian Coco

The inequality of gender within innovation in Brazil is a pressing issue that cannot be overlooked, say Tatiana Machado and Vivian Coco of Licks Attorneys.

Why there’s never a right age

International06-12-2023Lisa Mueller

Women face ageism throughout their entire careers, whether they are young, middle-aged, or older, and this prejudice needs to be addressed at all levels in IP, says Lisa Mueller of Casimir Jones.

Great expectations: bridging the generation gap

International06-12-2023Marisa Woutersen

For the first time ever, five generations are in the workforce together. How has the landscape changed, what challenges does that present, and where does that leave young professionals, asks Marisa Woutersen.

Salary gaps, bias and housework: Mexico’s diversity challenges

Mexico05-12-2023Laura Collada

Despite improvements to the country’s equality legislation, women in Mexico face many barriers to fulfilling their potential as professionals, says Laura Collada of Dumont.

Dismantling barriers

International05-12-2023Declan Cushley

The IP sector is still struggling to achieve true socioeconomic diversity due to the limited paths into the profession, says Declan Cushley of Browne Jacobson.

Taking off the cloak of invisibility

International05-12-2023MaryAnne Armstrong

Many from traditionally marginalised groups such as the LGBTQ+ community struggle to reveal their true selves at work. MaryAnne Armstrong of Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch explores some insights drawn from interviewing members of marginalised groups.

Reaching out

Germany, International05-12-2023Brigitta Best

Outreach initiatives launched by law firms can exert a profoundly positive influence in many facets of society, as Brigitta Best of BEST Rechtsanwälte explains.

Solving while we work: The AI startup that raised $3m in just a few months

01-12-2023Tom Phillips

Three AI experts with big ambitions are hoping that their patent writing tool will win the legal tech race—and investors seem to agree, finds Tom Phillips.

Showing 1 to 10 of 3991 results


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