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Tech transfer: Making money out of the cutting edge

UK, US23-02-2018

Technology transfer plays a vital role in getting the latest university-developed inventions to market, but is the system as efficient as it could be? WIPR looks into different perspectives on the evolution of technology transfer in the UK and US and its future.

USPTO boss Andrei Iancu: in-tray on day one


Subject matter eligibility, the future of the IPR and fee diversion are among the problems that new USPTO boss Andrei Iancu will need to address in his role, as WIPR reports.

Improving patent procedures globally: how the European patent system could break the deadlock

EPO, EU22-02-2018Martin Chatel

The system for validating patents can be used by European applicants to streamline filing processes globally and generate efficiency gains in other areas, as Martin Chatel of Dennemeyer & Associates reports.

Pharma trademarks in Brazil: an exception to the rule

Brazil21-02-2018Paulo Bianco

Brazil’s trademark law requires rights owners to use their marks, but there is an important exception to this rule, and pharmaceutical companies in particular should take note. Paulo Bianco of Kasznar Leonardos reports.

Pharma trademarks in Brazil: going to court to get your name

Brazil21-02-2018Isabella Cardozo, Robert Daniel-Shores and Rafael Rocha

Drug makers should consider taking court action to register their brand names if these have been rejected by Brazil’s IP office, as Isabella Cardozo, Robert Daniel-Shores and Rafael Rocha of Daniel Legal & IP Strategy explain.

Pharma trademarks in Angola: the right dose of protection

Africa19-02-2018PharmaceuticalsVítor Palmela Fidalgo

Enforcement, confusion and parallel imports are three major challenges facing pharmaceutical trademarks owners in Angola, as Vítor Palmela Fidalgo of Inventa International reports.

US jurisdiction report: Powwows for patent owners

US19-02-2018Paul J Sutton

It has been years since indigenous tribes located in North America, commonly referred to as Native Americans, have been participants in a war involving the US government. However, a new and very different type of intellectual property-related war is currently brewing and it involves, of all things, US patents that have been granted.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The true value of a brand

Sweden19-02-2018Maria Zamkova

Each year, a number of brand indexes are published in Sweden, for the benefit of trademark owners and customers. The ranking results, however, depend considerably on the basis for the investigations, the questions and what the survey wants to show.

Netherlands jurisdiction report: Director liability in trademark cases

Netherlands19-02-2018Michiel Rijsdijk

The subject of director liability seems at first sight to be restricted to company law. Case law shows that it can be rewarding to apply director liability to trademark infringement cases as well. The District Court in The Hague (June 27, 2017, in the case of Tommy Hilfiger) has given pointers on how to establish liability of directors in case of trademark infringement.

Mexico jurisdiction report: The treatment of personal data

Mexico19-02-2018Emilio Garate

The Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Third Parties 2010 sets a legal framework in which any third party that holds or intends to collect personal data must notify the intended use of that information to its owner.

Showing 1 to 10 of 2340 results


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