Pan Wei

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  • Job title: Patent Attorney, Partner
  • Firm: Unitalen Attorneys At Law
  • Jurisdiction: China
  • Practice area: Patents
  • Tel: 00 86 10 5920 8566
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After graduated from the Chinese Academe of Sciences in 2005, Dr. Pan worked in a famous law firm as a patent attorney, mainly responsible for handling patent application and office actions. From beginning of year 2007, Dr. Pan became a patent attorney of Unitalen Attorneys at law.Dr. Pan participated in all phases of patent prosecution including drafting, preparing and filing patent documents, responding to office action, requesting re-examination, filing request for invalidation and providing comments on infringement. Up to now, he had handled more than one thousand of foreign and domestic new patent applications and office actions related to automobile, airplane, household appliance, refrigeration, general machinery, mechanics and so on. Dr, Pan is very experienced in patent drafting and had drafted hundreds of high quality patent applications for many multi-national companies. With his extensive experience and solid knowledge both in the fields of technology and IP law, Dr. Pan will provide excellent IP services for his clients.

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Partner   Unitalen Attorneys At Law
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