Ray Lei Zhao, Ll.m.

Key details

  • Job title: Partner, Attorney at Law, Trademark Agent
  • Firm: Unitalen Attorneys At Law
  • Jurisdiction: China
  • Practice area: Trademarks, Copyright
  • Tel: 0086 10 59208921
  • Email: lei.zhao@unitalen.com
  • Website: www.unitalen.com

Mr. Zhao joined Unitalen in 2002 and has over 20 years of IP experience. As a senior partner, he has led the Legal and International Trademark Departments, handling numerous IP cases and building extensive theoretical and practical expertise. Specializing in trademark disputes and infringements, he has successfully resolved many complex cases. Mr. Zhao advises multinational companies and listed firms on IP strategies and has been recognized as an outstanding IP lawyer by WTR, Asia IP, and Corporate INTL Magazine. He has contributed to revising China’s Trademark Law and frequently speaks at international IP seminars.

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Partner   Unitalen Attorneys At Law
Partner   Unitalen Attorneys At Law
Patent Attorney, Partner   Unitalen Attorneys at Law