Trademark databases: an insider's view


Larissa Best

Trademark databases: an insider's view

Having made 42 online trademark databases available to the industry on the search management tool Inspiro and on its website, Avantiq has proved its experience in the trademark database field. Larissa Best explains.

Forty-two trademark databases mean 38 million trademark documents, with more than 15 million logos. All of that data makes up 716 gigabytes of data on Avantiq’s servers. In order to maintain the data fresh and ready to use, we process 4,500 updates per year.

With the growing number of trademark applications worldwide, the task of updating the data has become increasingly time-consuming. In 2011 alone, we updated 13 million trademarks.

To be efficient, we need a strong and eff ective team. For all of this data, we have just six people who do all the work: three IT experts dedicated to database developments and improvements; two operators in charge of updating and maintaining the databases and one offi cer who constantly checks and improves our data quality.

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