Marques: What rights owners need to know about EU copyright reform


Cristina Duch, Thomas Hvammen Nicholson, Franz Gernhardt, Christian Schumacher

Marques: What rights owners need to know about EU copyright reform

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European trademark association Marques has established a copyright team which, among other things, is assessing the scope and probable impact of the EU copyright reform package, as four members of the team report.

Brand management is no longer just about trademarks. The diligent rights owner also needs to understand the latest developments in designs, domain names, unfair competition, geographical indications and many other areas of law. In recognition of this fact, Marques has established teams focusing on analysing the latest developments in different areas. One of the newest teams focuses on copyright.

The mission of the Marques copyright team is to address issues in the area of European and international copyright laws and to monitor and influence developments in the laws and practices of copyright, with the effect of increasing understanding of copyright protection strategies among Marques members. In this context, the chair and a group of members of the team have studied the EU copyright legislative package and have recently completed a thorough review of major issues coming out of the reform.

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