MARQUES conference 2010


WIPR talks to MARQUES council chairman Guido Baumgartner about his aspirations for this year's conference and the challenges facing trademark practitioners worldwide.

What have been the major challenges for the association over the past year?

First, and every company has to deal with it at the moment, the financial world as it is. We are also affected by the different currencies—for invoicing, for example. So the financial side has really been watched carefully.

Going into the other more content-focused issues, we have our VIP programme. It’s about visibility in the IP world. You can do a lot as an organisation internally and those who are members of that party know what’s going on. But it must also be brought to the attention of others as well. Otherwise, you are not recognised. The press plays a part in that. We have great teams working on many issues in different areas, but if that’s not broadcast, then people may not believe it or know about it, except the team members.

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