Harnessing IP to develop the Mexican playing field


José Ramón Trigueros and Sadara Montenegro González

Sports law is a relatively new and rarely explored topic in Mexican law, as José Ramón Trigueros and Sadara Montenegro González report.

Sports law may be relatively new in Mexico, but legal controversies, doping issues and even electoral disputes are providing the few sports law experts in the country with a ripe field for professional development.

In the last decade, Mexican sports federations, authorities, clubs and professional athletes from less popular sports have slowly—and on several occasions, painfully—recognised the need for sports law experts to represent and protect their interests.

Recent stories of success in sports such as rowing or cycling have pushed the respective sports federations to seek professional assistance to cope with the new legal responsibilities arising from slightly bigger state funds and enhanced scrutiny from athletes, the public and international sports authorities.

Mexico, sports law, Mexican Cycling Federation