Domain names: another industry that's crying wolf?


Stuart Fuller

Domain names: another industry that's crying wolf?

With the first delegations of new generic top-level domains just weeks away, Stuart Fuller looks at how to avoid being left behind, and whether the new programme will be the cataclysmic shock many are predicting.

So here we stand, on the verge of the biggest technological change we have ever seen. The dawn of the new Internet age.

But have we been here before? It certainly feels like it if you, like me, are of an age to remember the change of dialling code in London from 01 to 071/081 in 1990. I also remember it changing further to 0171/0181 and then again to 0207/0208, and of course we had the massive paranoia around the Y2K time bomb, which was due to make airplanes fall from the skies, computers eat our money and life as we knew it end at midnight on December 31, 1999.

But, of course, we are still here. The doommongers have had to wait for another day before their pessimistic soothsaying comes true. Will they have their moment in the sun when the world of domain names gets a massive shot of steroids in the coming months?

Domain names, gTLDs, ICANN