WATCH: Peter Steckelman, Tennis Channel


Tom Phillips

WATCH: Peter Steckelman, Tennis Channel

Panellist at the upcoming WIPR Trademarks LA Conference shares ‘how to’ for brands expanding abroad | ‘Establishing a presence is key’ to mitigating trademark risks.

Ahead of the WIPR Trademarks LA Conference, Peter Steckelman, SVP, Business & Legal Affairs at the Tennis Channel shared his insights on what a brand needs to consider when it goes international and how to minimise costs in the process.

In a video interview with WIPR, Steckelman highlighted some common risks for brands operating internationally, including the searches in-house counsel should make and how to manage that workload.

“What you’ll find in doing those searches across the world is that can be a big undertaking,” said Steckelman.

“What you want to assess up front is: what are the key markets that your company should be involved in? And that involves taking a hard look at the business and what the product line is.”

Establishing a presence is key to help mitigating the risk of infringements as your company expands, he added.

Steckelman will appear at a panel discussion on September 22, when he'll join Derek Hawkins, corporate counsel at Salesforce and David Dolinski, owner at Crystal Clearance to discuss: In-House Counsel Considerations: Challenges and Solutions.

Together, they'll unpack:

  • The issues of greatest concern to today’s in-house attorneys
  • The latest best practices from in-house trademark counsel
  • How private practice attorneys can best assist their corporate counterparts
  • What functions should be outsourced and what should be managed internally

The one day conference will take in-person on September 22 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in the heart of Los Angeles' Financial District. You can view the latest agenda here.

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