Stobbs launches ‘IP-as-a-service’ platform for brand owners


Stobbs launches ‘IP-as-a-service’ platform for brand owners

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IP and brand law consultancy Stobbs has launched a new online platform aimed at brand owners.

Called iaidō, the service provides data analytics to brand owners who want to “track the effectiveness” of their trademark portfolio by “blending real-time consumer purchasing patterns with their brand IP”, said a statement by Stobbs.

The spin-out company has already enlisted global drinks company AB InBev, which helped develop and test the technology, as a client.

“We have built a solution that allows brand owners to build out their protection strategy and then compare it with their existing portfolio and business intelligence data. All large brands possess this type of data but rarely have reliable instant access to it on a day-to-day basis, to inform the strategic management of their assets,” said Lewis Whiting, iaidō’s founder and CEO.

“This is a fundamental need, and our solution has been designed to fill the gap in the IP software industry that currently exists—a complementary platform rather than replacing any existing solution.”

By automating a series of manual processes and connecting “strategic brand expertise”, iaidō will give users an instant picture of their IP performance together with “practical, actionable outputs”.

Pieter van den Bulck, global director of IP at AB InBev, endorsed the new system.

“I was amazed by Stobbs’ and iaidō’s determination to offer previously non-existing solutions for some of brand experts’ biggest challenges, yet even more impressed by the end result. iaidō is incredibly powerful, combining big sets of data at lightning speed with the ability to offer instant reporting on otherwise complex and time-consuming analysis,” he said.

van den Bulck added: “It really helped us to take the management of our trademarks to the next level, both by freeing up resources and enabling trademark analysis and reporting previously unheard of.”

Stobbs also announced it had launched /iambic/, an IP and legal case management system that can be used independently or in conjunction with iaidō.

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