INTA 2016 session preview: the power of expats


Before she speaks in a session at the INTA annual meeting about the benefits of having expats on your team, Jayne Durden, an Australian working at IP service provider CPA Global in London, talks through some of the main issues.

This session, called “Where Am I? Transporting Your Trademark Career to a Different Country”, highlights the benefits to corporations, service providers and law firms of having expats, with their unique skills and experiences, on their team. It is being held today, May 23. 

Trademark proficiency in one country now has an inherent value to companies and their legal advisors abroad as it helps deliver expertise to corporations that need to maximise the value of IP internationally. This offers new opportunities for skilled trademark professionals wherever they are in the world.

What opportunities exist for specialists in one country or region that can be exploited in another? How do professionals go about seeking opportunities overseas? What trademark expertise is particularly relevant to international law firms, corporations and service providers? What local legislation do professionals need to consider when working abroad and what are the challenges of applying specialist knowledge from one part of the world to another?

I will be covering these topics with a panel that also includes a lawyer from the US who started his own firm in Brazil, a lawyer from South Africa who is now in-house counsel in Europe and a New Zealand lawyer who is now a partner in an international law firm located in Dubai.

The session runs from 3.30pm to 4.45pm in the Tangerine Ballroom, West Hall F-1. 


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