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Fifth Circ affirms Ericsson’s FRAND win over HTC

01-09-2021Alex Baldwin

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has ruled that Ericsson did not breach fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory obligations in its proposed licensing agreement with HTC over wireless standard-essential patents.

Rouse, Inngot launch patent valuation tool on Alibaba

International01-09-2021Alex Baldwin

Alibaba has partnered with IP firms Rouse and Inngot to launch a new patent assessment and valuation service on the Chinese company’s online auction platform, Ali Auction.

Tech giants back NHK-Fintiv challenge

31-08-2021Alex Baldwin

Leading tech and life sciences companies including Verizon, Comcast and Mylan Pharmaceuticals have asked the US Supreme Court to order the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reconsider inter partes review petitions that have been denied due to the NHK-Fintiv rule.

Chinese banks don’t owe $150m over Nike, Converse dispute

31-08-2021Alex Baldwin

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit says that six Chinese banks should not be subject to a $150 million penalty for allegedly enabling Nike and Converse counterfeiters to move money out of the US.

Versace settles ‘fast fashion’ infringement suit with Fashion Nova

27-08-2021Alex Baldwin

Gianni Versace and fast-fashion retailer Fashion Nova have agreed to settle an IP dispute over Versace’s dress designs.

Mariah Carey faces criticism from Irish distiller over TM dispute

EU, Ireland27-08-2021Rory O'Neill

An Irish distiller has called on popstar Mariah Carey to “stop claiming trademark rights” to its products, after the launch of Carey’s ‘Black Irish’ cream liqueur brand.

Apple, Visa win Fed Circ appeal over electronic payments

27-08-2021Rory O'Neill

Apple and Visa have won their appeal against a tech company which accused them of infringing secure payment patents with the Apple Pay system.

Fed Circ reverses telecom patent ruling, upholds validity

26-08-2021Alex Baldwin

Network infrastructure company CommScope has convinced the US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit to cut $6.6 million in damages awarded to Dali Wireless by overturning a telecom patent infringement ruling.

Tenth Circuit grapples with scope of Lanham Act

26-08-2021Alex Baldwin

The US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has upheld a $113 million award to Hetronic, ruling that the Lanham Act can extend to foreign sales activity.

Second Circuit says Google v Oracle does not impact Prince judgment

25-08-2021Alex Baldwin

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has refused to alter its ruling that Andy Warhol’s art series based on photos of the musician Prince infringed the original photographer’s copyright.

Showing 41 to 50 of 10531 results


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