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Samsung could pay $25m for using semiconductor tech

04-06-2021Rory O'Neill

California semiconductor developer Acorn Technologies has won a patent infringement suit against Samsung, after a jury recommended damages of $25 million.

Twitch ‘disappointed’ in record labels’ DMCA takedowns

International03-06-2021Alex Baldwin

Livestreaming platform Twitch has criticised a recent slew of more than 1,000 Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notifications against its users by record labels, saying they are “disappointed” in the rights owners’ actions.

PTAB admits rare error over LED patent review

China03-06-2021Rory O'Neill

The US Patent Trial and Appeal Board has agreed to rehear an LED light bulb patent dispute, after admitting it “abused its discretion”.

Air taxi startup countersues over rival’s 'tortious media campaign'

02-06-2021Alex Baldwin

California air taxi startup Archer Aviation has hit back against a trade secrets suit levied at it by Wisk Aero, launching a countersuit over Wisk’s “false and misleading statements” about the company.

SCOTUS to weigh in on Unicolors dispute with H&M

02-06-2021Muireann Bolger

The US Supreme Court has agreed to review a copyright dispute between fabric designer Unicolors and retailer H&M, during which it will assess a pressing question of whether inaccuracies can invalidate copyright registrations.

EPO’s G1/21 videoconf hearing postponed

EU01-06-2021Muireann Bolger

The much-anticipated review into the legality of making oral proceedings by video conference at the European Patent Office compulsory has been postponed.

Facebook beats push-to-talk complaint, invalidates patent

UK01-06-2021Alex Baldwin

Facebook has beaten patent infringement claims levied at its Facebook Live feature and successfully invalidated its opponents patent, according to a ruling handed down by the England and Wales High Court.

Nokia and Daimler announce truce in FRAND dispute

EU01-06-2021Muireann Bolger

In a win for Nokia, German automaker Daimler has agreed to pay the tech company for using its patents in the culmination of a closely watched dispute between the two companies.

BAT’s Vuse vapes infringe Fuma e-cig patents

28-05-2021Alex Baldwin

British American Tobacco’s Vuse e-cigarettes infringe patents owned by rival tobacco company Fuma International, a US court has ruled, with one remaining issue to be decided at trial.

ISP says record labels ‘waging war’ on internet, in $1bn appeal

28-05-2021Rory O'Neill

The music industry is "waging war on the internet,” Cox Communications has told a federal appeals court in its effort to overturn a $1 billion damages award for music piracy.

Showing 41 to 50 of 10358 results


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