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InterDigital SEP valid and infringed by Lenovo: English High Court


InterDigital has won the first round of a telecommunications standard-essential patent (SEP) dispute with Lenovo, after the English High Court ruled today, July 29, that InterDigital’s patent was valid and infringed.

Cox settles copyright dispute with BMG and Rightscorp


Cox Communications has resolved its copyright case with music company BMG Rights Management and Rightscorp that centred on a dispute over thousands of allegedly invalid copyright notices.

EU threatens 23 states over copyright directive delays

EU29-07-2021Copyright NewsAlex Baldwin

The EU Commission has threatened to launch infringement suits against 23 of its 27 member states for failing to implement new copyright rules in time.

Nokia’s auto licensing plan pays off as revenues jump 20%

Europe29-07-2021Rory O'Neill

Nokia’s licensing arm reported a 20% growth in revenue on last year’s quarter this morning, July 29, on the back of new patent licensing deals, including the landmark agreement with Daimler.

Dabus 'granted first patent' confirms AI project leader

28-07-2021Muireann Bolger

South Africa has become the first country to grant a patent to an artificial intelligence, recognising AI solution Dabus as an inventor.

Federal Circuit rules PTAB violated Qualcomm’s rights

28-07-2021Patent NewsAlex Baldwin

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit vacated a US Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) decision to invalidate a Qualcomm patent for not giving the company the chance to respond to key claims in an oral hearing.

Q&A: GM wrestles Ford for ‘cruise’ control TM

28-07-2021Trademarks NewsMuireann Bolger

General Motors (GM) has sued Ford, alleging that Ford’s “BlueCruise” hands-free driver technology infringes its own system, Super Cruise.

SkyKick to appeal Sky TM dispute to the Supreme Court

UK27-07-2021Trademarks NewsAlex Baldwin

Cloud management company SkyKick will take an English Court of Appeal judgment in favour of UK broadcast giant Sky to the Supreme Court.

Fitbit wins patent dispute with Philips over wearable fitness tech

27-07-2021Patent NewsMuireann Bolger

Wearable fitness-tracker company Fitbit has defeated a patent challenge from Philips North America, a maker of connected-health technologies.

Cleveland baseball team updates offensive name to ‘Guardians’

26-07-2021Trademarks NewsMuireann Bolger

Following decades of pressure and criticism from the Native American community, a major US league baseball team has confirmed that it will change its name from Cleveland Indians to Cleveland Guardians

Showing 11 to 20 of 10441 results


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