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Study shows Apple’s aggressive approach to patents


Apple is increasingly suing its rivals over its mobile phone patents, according to an industry report.

Court backs Apple in Samsung patent trial


Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages after a jury found the company guilty of infringing several of Apple's software and design patents.

Court rules Motorola infringed Apple’s ‘rubber band’ patent


Apple has scored another notable patent victory after a German court ruled that several of Motorola Mobility’s smartphones and tablets infringe its so-called ‘rubber band’ patent.

Jury poised to decide Apple and Samsung patent dispute


A US jury is waiting to decide the fate of Apple and Samsung’s high-profile patent dispute as the tech companies clash in a Californian court.

Apple and Samsung trade blows over patents


Apple and Samsung both scored victories in the space of a week in the complex patent war they are fighting across four continents.

Apple pays $60 million for ‘iPad’ name in China


In a dispute highlighting the possible pitfalls for brands in China’s young trademark system, Apple was forced to pay a company $60 million for the ‘iPad’ name.

Apple v Motorola patent battle hots up in Europe and the US


iPhone maker Apple has asked the European Commission to intervene in its long-running patent dispute with smartphone manufacturer Motorola Mobility.

Apple grabs cybersquatted domains


Apple has seized seven domain names incorporating its iPhone trademark that were used to display pornography.

A Galaxy of problems for Samsung and Apple


Smartphone makers Samsung and Apple are locked in an escalating patent war that has already resulted in sales injunctions and looks set to become even more bitter.

If it looks like an Apple...


Fake Apple stores have recently been spotted in China.

Showing 381 to 390 of 395 results


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