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Mewburn Ellis to convert EUTM applications for free post-Brexit

EU, UK14-12-2018Movers & Shakers

European IP firm Mewburn Ellis yesterday announced that it will manage the conversion of EU trademark applications which are pending when the UK leaves the EU into UK trademark applications for free post-Brexit.

Bentley Motors sued for trademark infringement


British stock clearance company Brandlogic has filed a lawsuit in the English High Court against car manufacturer Bentley, citing infringement of its trademarks for ‘Bentley’.

Nintendo targets Switch and NES Classic modifiers


Nintendo has filed a copyright and trademark infringement suit against an individual as well as John Does for allegedly illegally modifying its consoles.

EU report: 63% of counterfeit customs seizures are small parcels


A report published today revealed that 63% of all EU customs seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods are of small parcels sent through postal or courier services.

Jay-Z withdraws stay motion after AAA commits to more diversity


US rapper Jay-Z has withdrawn his motion to stay IP arbitration with Iconix Brand Group after the American Arbitration Association agreed to increase its diversity.

EU publishes first counterfeit and piracy watch list

China, EU10-12-2018

The EU has published its first “watch list” of websites and physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the creation and distribution of counterfeit goods and pirated content.

Deckers sues online counterfeiters over UGG boots

China, US10-12-2018

Footwear brand Deckers, which owns UGG, has filed a trademark lawsuit against online counterfeiters in China.

EU court reverses Heineken trademark decision


Heineken’s Italian arm suffered defeat last week when the EU General Court reversed a European Union Intellectual Property Office decision that had previously gone in its favour.

EU court sets record straight on ‘Commodores’ TM dispute


Two members of American soul group the Commodores suffered a defeat in a trademark dispute over the band’s name after the EU General Court ruled in favour of founding member Thomas McClary’s Fifth Avenue Entertainment.

CJEU rules against Portuguese wine trademark

EU, Portugal07-12-2018

Europe’s highest court has ruled that a trademark registration that describes a geographical location and facility where wine products are produced must be refused.

Showing 91 to 100 of 3594 results


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