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SCOTUS agrees to hear copyright fight between Oracle and Rimini

US28-09-2018Trademarks News

The US Supreme Court yesterday said that it will hear a longstanding copyright dispute between technology company Oracle and software business Rimini Street.

3D kangaroo TM appeal bounces at EU court


The EU General Court today dismissed an appeal centring on a 3D kangaroo trademark.

Match makes a move on Bumble in Tinder IP dispute


US internet dating company Match has asked a court to remove a state lawsuit filed by competitor Bumble against Match’s brand Tinder, as the allegations in it should instead have been addressed by counterclaims in the parties’ federal IP dispute.

EU court declines to change course in Chameleon TM case

EU, Germany27-09-2018

The EU General Court has dismissed an appeal by a German company in a dispute over a trademark application portraying a chameleon.

AIPPI 2018: Levelling the FRAND playing field, and plain packaging

Australia, International, Mexico, US27-09-2018

The TCL v Ericsson decision has moved licensees a few steps closer to levelling the playing field when negotiating standard-essential patent licences, a US lawyer involved in the case told an industry conference.

California State Bar loses cybersquatting dispute at ADR Forum

US26-09-2018Trademarks + Brands Online News

California’s official attorney licensing agency has lost a cybersquatting dispute after it failed to prove ownership of trademarks that it claimed could be confused with the disputed domain name.

EU General Court upholds Puma TM appeal against EUIPO


The EU General Court today upheld a trademark appeal made by Germany-based sports brand Puma.

Weetabix loses trademark dispute in New Zealand

New Zealand26-09-2018Trademarks News

The High Court of New Zealand has ruled that UK cereal brand Weetabix infringed food company Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing’s trademark for a competing brand.

TrademarkNow launches free TM search tool

EU, US26-09-2018Movers & Shakers

Trademark management platform TrademarkNow says it has become the first major vendor to launch a free preliminary trademark searching tool.

IP drives $2.12bn Michael Kors-Versace deal: lawyers

Italy, US26-09-2018

Michael Kors’ $2.12 billion purchase of luxury Italian fashion house Versace has been driven by IP and branding, according to lawyers.

Showing 91 to 100 of 3438 results


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