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Intellectual Ventures wins $43 million patent claim against T-Mobile and Ericsson


A jury has awarded IP licensing company Intellectual Ventures $43 million after finding telecoms companies T-Mobile and Ericsson infringed three of its patents.

Huawei does licensing deal to end German phone concerns

Germany, US20-02-2019

Huawei has entered a licensing agreement with patent pool licensing company MPEG LA, resolving a dispute that had threatened the Chinese company’s ability to sell its phones in Germany.

SCOTUS hears arguments in US Postal Service case


The US Supreme Court yesterday heard oral arguments in Return Mail v US Postal Service, in which it will consider whether the government is a ‘person’ with the power to institute review proceedings under the America Invents Act.

Volkswagen faces patent infringement suit


A automotive company, Michigan Motor Technologies, has filed a suit against Volkswagen for allegedly infringing 20 of its patents.

Ericsson and Oppo announce global cross-licensing deal

China, Sweden19-02-2019

Swedish telecoms company Ericsson has announced a new global patent cross-licensing deal with Chinese smartphone retailer Oppo, covering patents from both companies’ 2G, 3G, and 4G portfolios.

WiLAN loses patent dispute after failing to produce evidence


A US district court has ruled in favour of Japan-based company Sharp Electronics in a patent infringement claim brought by WiLAN.

SCOTUS to consider whether government is a ‘person’


The US Supreme Court is due to hear oral arguments tomorrow in Return Mail v US Postal Service.

Korea Exchange Bank files 46 applications for blockchain technology

South Korea14-02-2019

A South Korean foreign exchange bank has filed 46 patent applications for several blockchain-based technology systems, it has been reported.

'Sluggish' growth in women inventor numbers: USPTO


Women inventors still make up just 12% of all patent inventors in the US, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Fed Circuit widens claim scope in Intel suit


Intel will face more legal proceedings after the Federal Circuit ruled that a lower court erred in its analysis of the scope of claims in a patent infringement suit.

Showing 1 to 10 of 3565 results