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Delhi court will hear scientists’ views on Sci-Hub

India08-01-2021Rory O'Neill

An Indian judge has said that scientists and academics opposed to the blocking of the Sci-Hub and LibGen websites will be able to file submissions before he rules on the case.

Nvidia’s takeover of Arm faces licensing probe by competition regulator

UK07-01-2021Muireann Bolger

The UK Competition and Market Authority will investigate US chipmaker Nvidia’s $40 billion deal to buy UK-based chip designer Arm’s IP business.

Record labels defeat ISP’s ‘false piracy notices’ countersuit

05-01-2021Muireann Bolger

Major record labels have prevailed against an internet service provider, after the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida dismissed a complaint on December 29, which alleged the music companies targeted subscribers with false and deceptive piracy notices.

Calls for ‘Anti-Plagiarism Day’ after Chinese author controversy

China04-01-2021Rory O'Neill

A Chinese research institute wants to mark December 31 as Anti-Plagiarism Day, after a controversy involving an author and screenwriter.

Apple loses copyright case against security start-up

04-01-2021Muireann Bolger

Apple has failed to win a copyright infringement case against security company Corellium, after the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida dismissed the technology company’s suit on December 29.

Rihanna in copyright spat over Fenty Instagram ad


Rihanna has found herself at the centre of a copyright lawsuit which revolves around an Instagram post advertising the singer’s fashion brand, Fenty.

Fed Circuit backs Boeing in data dispute with DoD


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit yesterday sided with Boeing in a dispute with the US Air Force over data disclosure.

US Congress bill unveils controversial IP changes

22-12-2020Copyright NewsMuireann Bolger

A $2.3 trillion spending bill passed by the US Congress yesterday will see sweeping changes to US IP law, including a controversial new law that makes unauthorised commercial streaming of copyrighted material a felony.

Netflix settles copyright spat over Sherlock Holmes’ emotions

22-12-2020Copyright News

Streaming platform Netflix has settled a copyright dispute which centred on the emotional changes of fictional character Sherlock Holmes.

Eco-fashion brand Rothy’s wins RCD case at IPEC

EU, United Kingdom21-12-2020Muireann Bolger

Austrian shoe company Giesswein Walkwaren infringed a registered community design held by sustainable fashion brand Rothy’s but did not copy its unregistered community design, in a dispute over Giesswein's “pointy flat” range.

Showing 21 to 30 of 2719 results


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