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Number of Russian piracy sites rises but traffic falls: reports


The number of piracy sites in Russia increased by 43% last year, according to data from anti-piracy firm WebKontrol, despite increased efforts to block such websites.

Gigi Hadid named in copyright suit for reposting image of herself on Instagram


Gigi Hadid is at the centre of a copyright infringement suit for allegedly posting a copyright-protected photograph of herself to her Instagram account.

Israeli PM candidate accused of ‘stealing’ footage of Gaza war

Gaza, Israel, Palestine28-01-2019

A Palestinian media company has accused former Israeli general and prime minister candidate, Benny Gantz, of “stealing” footage to promote the “destruction of Gaza”, according to reports.

US court throws out case against audio-ripping sites


A US court has thrown out a copyright infringement case after ruling that it doesn’t have jurisdiction over Russian websites Flvto and 2conv.

US rapper sues Fortnite creator over dance move


A US rapper is the latest to file a copyright lawsuit against the creator of a popular video game “Fortnite”, claiming it uses a dance move he created, without his permission.

European copyright reforms face delay


Major reforms to EU copyright law have been delayed after talks to discuss the proposals were called off yesterday, January 21.

Premier League opens new Singapore office to target piracy


The English Premier League has opened its first international office, in Singapore, to fight piracy of its content in the Asia-Pacific region.

South Korea sets up new anti-piracy unit as part of crackdown

South Korea14-01-2019

South Korea is to step up its efforts to crack down on online piracy websites, it has been reported.

Film studios target ISPs in a bid to stop piracy


Nine entertainment companies have applied for an injunction in the latest push to stop Australians from accessing websites allegedly allowing users to download or stream pirated content.

US online piracy suits hit record high in 2018


The number of lawsuits filed against alleged piracy file-sharing websites hit a record high in 2018, TorrentFreak reports.

Showing 21 to 30 of 2197 results