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‘No one can own a dance move’: Fortnite creator


Epic Games, creator of popular video game Fortnite, has hit back at claims that it stole rapper 2 Milly’s signature ‘Milly Rock’ dance, arguing that “no one can own a dance move”.

Agreement reached on European Copyright Directive


News of a final agreement on the proposed European Copyright Directive has prompted concern from long-term opponents of the law.

CCIA criticises “unworkable” EU copyright directive


“Foreign countries are increasingly prone to imposing onerous IP regulations aimed at US internet companies”, according to the Computer & Communications Industry Association.

Tillis to chair new US Senate IP Subcommittee

US12-02-2019Movers & Shakers

Republican Thom Tillis and Democrat Chris Coons have been selected to lead the newly-formed US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on IP.

US Copyright Royalty Board says songwriters will be paid higher royalties


The US Copyright Royalty Board has announced that it will raise the royalty rates paid to songwriters for the streaming of their music for the five-year period from 2018-2022.

Universal Music targets Australian politician in copyright infringement suit


Universal Music has filed a copyright infringement claim against an Australian politician for using a re-worked version of a song by heavy-metal band Twisted Sister in political advertisements.

Hello Kitty owner targets counterfeiters in TM infringement suit


The owner of popular children’s character Hello Kitty, Sanrio, has taken legal action against a California-based company which it alleges is producing counterfeit products that infringe its trademarks and copyright.

Musicians file class action copyright suit against Sony Music


A group of musicians have filed a class action complaint against Sony Music alleging that the company unlawfully stopped them reclaiming their copyright.

US and UK lead the way in global IP index


The US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center has published its international IP index, which assesses the IP protection regimes of 50 world economies.

EU to consider 'softer liability' in copyright directive


A leaked proposal for negotiations on the European copyright directive has indicated some support for a “softer liability regime” for smaller companies.

Showing 11 to 20 of 2199 results