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IP suit against Qatar Airways takes flight in UK court

Qatar, UK14-04-2021Muireann Bolger

Qatar Airways must disclose documents relating to the use of its inflight entertainment system and apps after it was sued by a royalties society for copyright infringement, the UK High Court has ruled.

Arty falls short in Marshmello ‘Happier’ suit

12-04-2021Rory O'Neill

US electronic music producer Marshmello has fended off a closely-watched copyright lawsuit accusing him of copying elements in his 2018 hit “Happier”.

YouTube’s ‘Checks’ copyright system: what lawyers think

International09-04-2021Alex Baldwin

YouTube has tried various systems to cull infringing content on the website since its inception, but could its latest solve the problem?

SCOTUS ‘scares’ copyright owners with fair use expansion

08-04-2021Muireann Bolger

The saga of Google v Oracle kept the IP world on tenterhooks for more than a decade—and this week’s SCOTUS ruling delivered a final unexpected twist—significantly expanding the scope of “fair use”.

‘A win for the internet’: Oracle loses $9bn, decade-long Google copyright case

06-04-2021Muireann Bolger

Google has emerged victorious from its long-running copyright dispute with Oracle after the US Supreme Court ruled that the tech company’s use of a computer code constituted “fair use”.

Litigation in the ‘hyper-casual’ game market

France01-04-2021Alex Baldwin

WIPR caught up with Voodoo’s legal and general counsel, Nassim Ameli-Jouffroy and Senay Gürel, to find out more about its recent "copycat" case, the hyper-casual games market, and bringing litigation against rival gamemakers.

YouTube’s ‘front-loaded’ copyright check shifts onus to uploaders

30-03-2021Copyright NewsAlex Baldwin

YouTube has been treading a difficult path between its users and IP rights holders since its inception.

‘Judges can’t play art critic’, warns 2nd Circ over Prince image

29-03-2021Rory O'Neill

A US federal appeals court has ruled that Andy Warhol’s “Prince Series”, featuring modified images of the late pop star, infringed a photographer’s copyright and did not qualify as fair use.

Swift and Utah theme park drop IP suits

26-03-2021Rory O'Neill

A Utah theme park which accused Taylor Swift of infringing its IP with the name of her latest album has dropped its trademark lawsuit against the pop star.

France adopts ‘dynamic’ piracy injunctions

France22-03-2021Rory O'Neill

Sports rights owners are hailing new laws in France which could give them the upper hand in their fight against online pirates.

Showing 1 to 10 of 2743 results


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