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Apple paid Nokia $2bn in IP settlement, financial results reveal


Nokia has announced that it received a $2 billion payment from Apple as part of a patent licensing agreement that the companies reached earlier this year.

Nokia enters patent agreement with Xiaomi


Nokia has entered into a business cooperation and patent agreement with Chinese phone maker Xiaomi.

Nokia and Apple resolve IP litigation


Nokia and Apple have settled all litigation related to their IP dispute and have entered into a patent licensing agreement.

BlackBerry battles Nokia in patent claim


BlackBerry has taken on Nokia in a patent infringement claim, alleging that the Finland-based company has used its proprietary technology.

ITC to investigate Apple over Nokia complaint


The US International Trade Commission has revealed plans to investigate a complaint made by Nokia alleging that Apple has imported patent-infringing phones, tablet computers and components.

Nokia squares off against Apple in series of patent suits


Nokia has taken on Apple in a series of patent suits filed worldwide focusing on iPads and iPhones.

INTA Digital World: Don’t be scared of IoT, says Nokia

Brussels, EU05-12-2016

The ‘internet of things’ will completely change “the structure of the industry” and nature of competition, but it is not something to be afraid of.

Apple loses patent battle against Nokia and Sony


Apple has lost a six-year patent infringement battle against MobileMedia, a patent-owning company formed by Nokia and Sony.

AIPPI 2016: Nokia says UK’s UPC ratification very unlikely, for now

EU, UK21-09-2016Patent News

The UK’s ratification of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement is politically “very unlikely” at the moment, according to Nokia’s head of European litigation Clemens Heusch.

Nokia and Samsung enter patent licensing agreement

Finland, South Korea13-07-2016

Nokia and Samsung announced today that both parties have agreed to expand their patent cross-licensing agreement.

Showing 51 to 60 of 88 results


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