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Ukraine’s patents: from past to present

Russia, Ukraine29-11-2022IP servicesVítor Sérgio Moreira and Anna Shcherbyna

With a history of invention and a skilled workforce, Ukraine is primed to rebound once the war is over, say Vítor Sérgio Moreira and Anna Shcherbyna of Inventa.

South Africa: Where is the trade secrets rulebook?

South Africa18-11-2022Sofia Araújo

Without specific laws, the courts have turned to opaque principles such as ‘honesty’ and ‘fairness’, explains Sofia Araújo of Inventa.

Nigeria: Copyright and the protection of creatives

Nigeria07-11-2022Adeoluwa Ademola

Creatives should take copyright law as seriously as their art, explains Adeoluwa Ademola of Inventa

Counterfeits: breaking young people’s consumer habits

EU11-10-2022Mariana Hazt Lencina

This year’s EUIPO Youth Scoreboard shows access to counterfeit goods and pirated content is on the rise. Mariana Hazt Lencina of Inventa explores what can be done.

WTO Geneva Package: a breakthrough for Africa?

Africa30-08-2022Inês Sequeira

The TRIPS Agreement compromise over COVID-19 IP could provide the necessary platform to diversify vaccine production capacity, says Inês Sequeira of Inventa.

Filing a priority document in Portugal

EU, Portugal16-08-2022Vitor Sergio Moreira

There are benefits to starting a patent family in the country, explains Vítor Sérgio Moreira of Inventa.

Diving into the scope of conceptual trademarks

South Africa05-08-2022Miguel Bibe

The registration of a ‘Pacific’ trademark poses questions concerning the parameters of conceptual trademarks, says Miguel Bibe of Inventa.

Nigeria: The role of patents in promoting innovation

Nigeria22-07-2022Queen Ajura Ugbeda

Patents are essential to Nigeria’s growing economy, explains Queen Ajura Ugbeda of Inventa.

Patenting life?

South Africa18-07-2022Marisol Cardoso

The IP system helps everyone to benefit from biotechnology inventions, argues Marisol Cardoso of Inventa.

War and trademarks

Russia, Ukraine10-06-2022Diogo Antunes

The impact of Russia’s invasion has led to some surprising effects on trademarks both in and out of Ukraine, say Diogo Antunes and Anna Shcherbyna of Inventa.

Showing 1 to 10 of 37 results