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To Dream the Impossible Dream


INTA’s 2019 Annual Meeting kicked off with messages of aspiration, and a call to arms to do good. Sarah Morgan reports.

Shape Up or Lose Out on the Next Generation


Depending on your perspective, millennials are either avocado-eating dilettantes or the future of political activism. Whatever the case, brands need to adapt and engage, finds Sarah Morgan.

The Rise of the Machines


Artificial intelligence has great potential as a powerful tool to serve—not replace—trademark attorneys, as Rory O’Neill finds out.

The Anxiety of Influence: How to Avoid the Pitfalls


For many brands, influencers have proven a shortcut to huge exposure and high impact, but there are dangers associated with their use—and brands need to be thoughtful about when and how they engage with them, as Saman Javed reports.

Frontier Spirit: Fighting Counterfeits Online


Counterfeiters operating in the online space are becoming ever more sophisticated, but brands are fighting back, reports Saman Javed.

Hiring Is Easy, Retention Is Not


Hiring diverse individuals is the easy part of the equation. Encouraging people to stay and thrive in their environment is the trickier part. Sarah Morgan reports.

Changing Behaviors: Gen Z and Counterfeits


INTA’s new study of Gen Z demonstrates that brands have work to do in order to educate this increasingly influential cohort on the importance of buying genuine products, as Saman Javed finds out.

Spreading the Word About IP

Chile, India, International, South Africa, Vietnam20-05-2019

Intellectual property (IP) offices around the world employ a variety of different approaches to making the public aware of the importance of IP, as Sarah Morgan finds out.

A Wake-Up Call for Brands


As public pressure for action to protect the environment grows, brands have a large role to play in securing the future of the planet, as Sarah Morgan reports.

Insight into Co-branding and Influencers

International20-05-2019Jessica Elliot Cardon

Jessica Elliot Cardon, Deputy General Counsel at Quality King Distributors/Perfumania Holdings, Inc., and Chair of The Trademark Reporter Committee, follows up on a commentary she wrote on co-branding for The Trademark Reporter by providing additional thoughts on pairing up with influencers.

Showing 91 to 100 of 2864 results