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Do the owners of Brexit's cloned trademarks want to maintain their UK brands?

EU, UK03-08-2023Robert Reading

Data on UK trademarks cloned after the country left the EU reveal rights owners’ appetite for the UK market, finds Robert Reading of Clarivate.

‘A remarkable decision’: Why did the MetaBirkins maker get to keep the infringing NFTs?

02-08-2023Muireann Bolger

Hermès may be the definitive victor in the NFT dispute, but the case leaves questions over how to handle infringing digital assets and smart contracts, says Muireann Bolger.

China: Can commercial use reconcile with fair use?

China01-08-2023Ricky Xing, Nancy Zhang and Archie Jin

A trademark dispute in China featured similar arguments to Jack Daniel’s v Bad Spaniels, so why were the outcomes different? Ricky Xing of Lexfield offers a comparison of two fair use situations.

‘Why kill the bird?’: Twitter’s ‘X’ rebrand under scrutiny

27-07-2023Muireann Bolger

Elon Musk’s attempt to breathe new life into the Twitter brand kept the trolls busy, but should he be more worried about the impact on his trademark lawyers, asks Muireann Bolger.

How to mitigate the effects of counterfeiting in China

China26-07-2023Alice Hou

A mix of innovative IP strategy and procedural know-how can help tackle the problem of fakes in the country, explains Alice Hou of Lusheng Law Firm.

Taking control: Navigating Russia’s brand seizures

Russia21-07-2023Agnieszka Sztoldman

Russia’s acquisition of Danone and Carlsberg units is a complex scenario that shows how brand owners should be wary of taking chances when it comes to safeguarding their IP, says Agnieszka Sztoldman of the University of Wroclaw and Osborne Clarke.

AI and rights: latest guidance from the US Copyright Office

20-07-2023Mark Doerr and Alexis Marin

In a recent webinar, the US Copyright Office clarified when applicants need to disclose AI contributions to their work, say Mark Doerr and Alexis Marin of Greenspoon Marder.

Who does Advancing America’s Interests Act really help?

18-07-2023Sarah Speight

The Act has hopes to make much-needed reforms to the ITC and protect it from ‘persistent abuse’ by patent ‘trolls’. But critics say it’s too one-sided, finds Sarah Speight.

EU’s plans for SEPs could drive innovation from Europe

EU17-07-2023Marianne Schaffner

Proposals to regulate standard-essential patents are well-intentioned but could place the EU’s innovation, economy and judicial systems at risk, argues Marianne Schaffner.

Protecting the cultural heritage of indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples

Mexico13-07-2023Jaime Rodriguez and Alejandra Badillo

In January 2022, the Federal Law for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Indigenous and Afromexican Peoples and Communities was issued in order to protect and safeguard the cultural heritage, knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, and collective intellectual property of indigenous and Afromexican peoples and communities.

Showing 91 to 100 of 3991 results


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