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Google v Oracle: bad news for API developers

06-04-2021Bill Frankel

By leaning on unusual analogies the US Supreme Court has created unsettling precedents for software developers, argues Bill Frankel of Brinks Gilson & Lione.

NHK-Fintiv: reaching the tipping point?

01-04-2021Brenton Babcock and Tyler Train

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board's discretionary denial in view of parallel litigation is at a crossroads, explain Brenton Babcock and Tyler Train of Womble Bond Dickinson

UK court defers to EU law in post-Brexit ‘hyperlinks’ case

UK31-03-2021MusicPenelope Thornton and Alastair Shaw

As the UK Court of Appeals aligns with the EU courts on hyperlinks, Penelope Thornton and Alastair Shaw of Hogan Lovells unpack the decision.

US jurisdiction report: Patent inventorship errors

29-03-2021Paul J Sutton

This article examines the ever-present challenge in correctly designating the true inventors of inventions and their associated patent rights. Where errors have been made in the naming of inventors on patents, the prompt correction of such errors is essential if valid and enforceable patent rights are to be enjoyed.

Sweden jurisdiction report: EUIPO’s CF Similarity tool

EU, Sweden29-03-2021Petter Rindforth

All lawyers, independent on representing the trademark owner or a claimed infringing party, have to deal with the question of similarity of goods or services related to a specific trademark.

Russia jurisdiction report: Landing a licence

Russia29-03-2021Annikki Hämäläinen and Erik Viik

IP owners are free to exploit their rights in different forms, including by entering into licence agreements. Licence agreements are regulated by the Russian Civil Code. Under a licence agreement, one party—the owner—grants or undertakes to grant the other party with the right to use the trademark/patent within the limits stipulated by the contract.

Netherlands jurisdiction report: Slogan marks: got vegan milk?

Netherlands29-03-2021Michiel Rijsdijk

The EU General Court reaffirmed in its decision involving Oatly that a slogan can be protected as a trademark. This decision continues to build on existing EU case law for the successful protection of slogans and it may bring new possibilities for the protection of plant-based substitutes.

Italy jurisdiction report: Application of the doctrine of equivalents in Italy

EU, Italy29-03-2021Marco Conti

When confronted with the question of whether a technical solution infringes a patent, it is crucial to assess the scope of protection of the patent.

France jurisdiction report: Expressing a link to the land

EU, France29-03-2021Aurélia Marie

Last November, the expressions “Linge Basque”, “Absolue Pays de Grasse” and “Pierre d’Arudy” joined the small family of French Geographical Indications for Industrial and Handicraft Products.

The comfort of consent

China29-03-2021George Chan, Ricky Xing and Zoe Sun

A dairy company’s trademark triumph at China’s top court has significantly increased the evidentiary value of letters of consent. George Chan, Ricky Xing, and Zoe Sun of Simmons & Simmons report.

Showing 81 to 90 of 3324 results


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