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Transforming patent information into insight

20-09-2018James Cooper and Caitlin Kavanagh

PatBase Analytics V2 offers a range of features to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of evaluating patents within a landscape search, as James Cooper and Caitlin Kavanagh of Minesoft explain.

Getting your IP rights faster

EU20-09-2018Alexey Nosov and Victor Lisovenko

Streamlined procedures at the IP offices in Russia and Eurasia can greatly reduce patent examination times, say Alexey Nosov and Victor Lisovenko of Patentica.

Conference preview: IP World 2018


Legal IQ is hosting the IP World conference from October 8 to 10 in Amsterdam, where attendees will discuss the changing global IP landscape, as WIPR finds out.

FTO searching in front-end patent intelligence

19-09-2018Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg

In this second article of a three-part series, Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg of Express Search focus on the value of preliminary freedom-to-operate research throughout the product development cycle.

Time for a change: corporate social responsibility

International19-09-2018Annisa Aaliyya Chua

To address global environmental concerns arising from climate change, a multidimensional response is required including brands playing an influential role through corporate social responsibility, says Annisa Aaliyya Chua of Annisa Aaliyya.

Trademark Clearinghouse: meet the agents


Five years after the launch of the Trademark Clearinghouse, which is used to protect rights in the new generic top-level domains, WIPR speaks to three companies that use the service about its impact on brand protection.

Conference preview: IACC-UL Latin America Regional Brand Protection Summit


The IACC-UL Latin America Regional Brand Protection Summit will take place from October 17 to 19 at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, Florida, as WIPR finds out.

France jurisdiction report: Good news for parallel importers

EU, France18-09-2018PharmaceuticalsAurélia Marie

Parallel importation of pharmaceuticals in the EU has, for a long time, raised many issues. National constraints require the parallel importer to modify the presentation of the products in order to comply with national laws, and the trademark owner has tried to make use of such alteration to oppose the commercialisation of the goods that were escaping its distribution network in that way.

Germany jurisdiction report: Making claims for injunctive relief effective

Germany18-09-2018Jens Künzel

Several recent decisions of Germany’s Supreme Court, the Federal Court of Justice—for instance, a case decided in October 2017 called Products For Wound Treatment—hold that an injunction order contained in a judgment for unfair competition or trademark infringement requires the defendant not only to cease and desist the activity for which he has been sentenced, but moreover demands that he recall the infringing goods from his customers.

Malaysia jurisdiction report: Honouring a franchise contract

Malaysia17-09-2018Lim Eng Leong

It has been more than a year since the High Court refused La Kaffa International an application for an interim injunction to stop Loob Holding continuing its Tealive business as a replication of the Chatime franchise system.

Showing 81 to 90 of 2689 results