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Diversity Champions: Walking the Walk

India19-11-2020Sarah Morgan

Diversity and inclusion can be a challenge to get right but the benefits can be felt across organizations. Sarah Morgan speaks to those at the start of their diversity journey, as well as those who have paved a path for others to follow.

The Benefits of Respect

International19-11-2020Sarah Morgan

Despite the fact that traditional knowledge doesn’t fit squarely within our current IP systems, there is much to be gained by the indigenous communities who hold this knowledge and the brands that choose to work with them. Sarah Morgan reports.

Inclusion—A Must for Brands

International19-11-2020Muireann Bolger

The question of how effectively to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the IP community continues to be a pressing one, Muireann Bolger finds.

Defending IP Against Brand Restrictions

International19-11-2020Rory O'Neill

Brand restrictions in the food and beverage industry are spreading, including in Latin America and potentially beyond. Rory O’Neill reports.

Regional Progress During the Pandemic

International19-11-2020Sarah Morgan

IP offices in Africa and the Middle East are working hard toward achieving their national visions, even as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts day-to-day operations, as Sarah Morgan finds out.

Internet Scams: a Tangled Web

International19-11-2020Tom Phillips

Online infringers are cunning, resourceful, and getting harder to catch, Tom Phillips discovers.

Pulling at the Threads of Fast Fashion

International19-11-2020Saman Javed

A fashion retailer’s ability to turn catwalk designs into cheap bestsellers is said to cause harm to people, the environment, and the fashion industry itself. Saman Javed looks at some of the latest steps to address this.

The Cannabis Conundrum

International19-11-2020Rory O'Neill

It is one of the most popular psychoactive drugs in history, and legalization of cannabis products worldwide is now truly gaining pace. Rory O’Neill looks at what it means for the IP field.

Put Your People First

International19-11-2020Sarah Morgan

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown workplace culture into the spotlight. With so many people now working from home, how can a culture of connection thrive? Sarah Morgan reports.

The Right Remedy: Why Mediation is Becoming a Better Option

International18-11-2020Sarah Morgan

It is expensive, time-consuming, and too adversarial—these are some of the complaints leveled against the court system when dealing with IP disputes. But are alternative procedures the answer? Sarah Morgan investigates.

Showing 81 to 90 of 3251 results


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