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WIPR Annual 2019 Business Brief: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka03-06-2019Anomi Wanigasekera and Wathsala Samaranayake

Patent rights are secured in Sri Lanka through registration. In order to obtain registration for a patent, an application should be filed at the National Intellectual Property Office on the prescribed form.

WIPR Annual 2019 Business Brief: United Kingdom

03-06-2019Alison Simpson

National applications are filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office. European patents filed at the European Patent Office can be validated in the UK. The UK and the EPO are members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which allows applicants seeking patent protection internationally to consolidate their applications in one initial filing.

News Analysis: Huawei in the crosschairs


As one of China’s leading companies, blows dealt to Huawei are felt across the country, and at the moment, the punches are raining down thick and fast on what is perhaps the world’s most controversial company. WIPR reports.

IP and technology: Smart moves

EU, International03-06-2019

Smart devices are often not the product of a single innovation—they are more likely to be an amalgamation of components from multiple sources, so how are developers to protect their inventions? WIPR investigates.

M&A: Big fish, small pond?

China, EU, International31-05-2019

As mergers and acquisitions in the IP service providers field retain their momentum, the question needs to be asked, might consolidation damage the industry? WIPR investigates.

People and process: digital transformation in the legal sector


The human factor needs to dominate in the integration of people and process in order to reap the benefits of digital transformation, says Nick March of WebTMS.

E-commerce: Policing the portals in India

India31-05-2019Ranjan Narula and Akanksha Kar

India’s fast-growing e-commerce markets are facing tougher sanctions to prevent the sale of fakes. Ranjan Narula and Akanksha Kar of RNA outline their obligations.

Brand protection: Defining return on investment

International30-05-2019Jan Maarten Laurijssen

Brand protection is now so sophisticated that trademark owners can measure its value to the business, says Jan Maarten Laurijssen of Pointer Brand Protection.

Corporate social responsibility: it’s a serious matter

International30-05-2019Mikael Kolehmainen

Today the message is loud and clear: CSR and sustainability must be a holistic part of any business, says Mikael Kolehmainen of TrademarkNow.

Scandalous marks: Just what the %$*£@ is registrable?


The US Supreme Court is to weigh in on registration of scandalous marks in Iancu v Brunetti. Robert J. Kenney and Michael T. Smith of BSKB report.

Showing 81 to 90 of 2910 results