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US jurisdiction report: The race for cannabis patents

27-04-2020Paul J Sutton

Is it possible to obtain a US patent covering cannabis? Conventional wisdom might yield a resounding “no”, but the truth is, the US Patent and Trademark Office has been granting cannabis-related patents, and it is expected that many more will be granted in years to come. 

World IP Day: how IP can go green

International25-04-2020David Knight and Heidi Hurdle

The COVID-19 pandemic may have halted World IP Day’s physical celebrations, but the day to celebrate innovation is still on the minds of IP professionals across the world. David Knight and Heidi Hurdle of Fieldfisher report on how IP rights and systems can support and promote this year’s theme: the development of a green future.

Protecting your image in the Instagram era

International24-04-2020Rory O'Neill

Image rights used to be a concern for only the rich and famous. But with the proliferation of influencers and new celebrities on social media, they’re becoming an everyday issue. Rory O’Neill of WIPR reports.

Dynamic injunctions in the digital environment

Mexico24-04-2020Jaime Rodriguez and Abraham Díaz

Jaime Rodriguez and Abraham Díaz of Olivares explain how so-called ‘dynamic’ injunctions have been implemented in Mexico to counter IP infringement in the digital world.

UPC: A quiet demise

23-04-2020Tom Phillips

The UK’s decision to exit the UPC and the manner in which it left have caused a mixture of disappointment and disbelief, as WIPR’s Tom Phillips discovers.

Protecting trade secrets at home: the risks of remote working through COVID-19

21-04-2020Rebecca Swindells and Andrew Aistrup

Because of the very nature of trade secrets, it is prudent to prioritise and invest in preventive measures to protect them, rather than hoping for a cure after the event as in the current pandemic, say Rebecca Swindells and Andrew Aistrup of Jones Day.

Domain names: don’t underestimate the value of these IP outcasts

International20-04-2020Statton Hammock

In the digital age, domain names are crucial for brands. Despite this, many fail to invest in their domain name portfolio as they do their trademark and patent portfolios. Statton Hammock of Clarivate Analytics reports.

Analysis: Germany considers modernising patent law

Germany17-04-2020Cordula Schumacher and Lisa Schneider

Efforts to modernise and further develop German patent law are welcome, say Cordula Schumacher and Lisa Schneider of Arnold Ruess.

UPC: will the German decision force changes that are coming anyway?

Germany16-04-2020BiotechnologyTilman Müller-Stoy

Is the German constitutional court decision to declare the German ratification law on the UPC agreement null and void just a formality, or is there more to adapt in the UPC system? Tilman Müller-Stoy of Bardehle Pagenberg explores the possible outcomes for the court in Germany and beyond.

Court on camera

09-04-2020Katie Coltart

Barking dogs and muting mics: one of the first-ever virtual UK patent court hearings was a success, as Katie Coltart of Kirkland & Elis explains.

Showing 81 to 90 of 3052 results