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Trademarks: In bad faith

China19-09-2019Bin Zhang and Lei Fu

China’s amended trademark law provides several remedies against the scourge of bad-faith registrations, say Bin Zhang and Lei Fu of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

Artificial intelligence: Machines learning means you earning

International19-09-2019Charles Hill

Artificial intelligence is reinventing trademark tasks and leaving the lawyering to the lawyers, says Charles Hill of TrademarkNow.

IP Appellate Board: Trouble at the IPAB

India19-09-2019Ranjan Narula

Steps to resolve the impasse at India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board cannot come soon enough, says Ranjan Narula of RNA.

IP management software: Managing assets, not admin

EU, Spain19-09-2019Francisco Bernardo Noriega

Many IP firms talk about the need to support clients with strategic, rather than administrative, advice but few actually do it. Francisco Bernardo Noriega of ABG explains how Patricia software helps his firm become a valuable partner.

Counterfeits: Fakes news concerns us all

EU17-09-2019Frédéric Blanc

Recent studies have highlighted an alarming trend in counterfeiting. Right owners must offer a strong response, says Frédéric Blanc of Dennemeyer & Associates France.

Immunotherapy patents: Why CAR-T is driving up patent activity

International17-09-2019Iain Armstrong

Patents for new cancer-busting immunotherapy treatments are some of the hottest rights around, explains Iain Armstrong of HGF.

Situations vacant: the IPAB

India17-09-2019Saman Javed

With some 4,000 unheard cases and multiple vacancies unfilled, India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board could be regarded as unfit for purpose. But, as WIPR’s Saman Javed discovers, the country’s lawyers carry on regardless.

Brazil: Say ‘bye-bye’ to the backlog?

Brazil17-09-2019Ricardo D Nunes

Excitement is building around a new scheme to tackle Brazil’s patent backlog, says Ricardo D Nunes of Daniel Law.

Patent backlog: Cracking the toughest nut

Brazil17-09-2019Sarah Morgan

Efforts to reduce Brazil’s patent backlog are bearing fruit and the country’s long-suffering lawyers are cautiously optimistic, as WIPR’s Sarah Morgan finds.

Brexit: The real no-deal

EU17-09-2019Rory O'Neill

With a no-deal Brexit looming over the UK, time is running out to address rights owners’ key concerns, as WIPR’s Rory O’Neill reports.

Showing 81 to 90 of 2961 results