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Resolving Domain Name and Website Disputes in Russia

International, Russia, US21-05-2018Sergey Medvedev

Brand owners seeking to enforce their rights against cybersquatting and other online infringement in Russia should be clear on the different rules and practices, says Sergey Medvedev of Gorodissky & Partners (Russia).

More Work Ahead for IP

Argentina, Caribbean, International, Mexico, US21-05-2018

The IP outlook in Latin America and the Caribbean is improving, but there is still a lack of harmonization and there still needs to be more awareness of IP. José Luis Londoño, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean, tells Aaron McDonald more.

Time for a look at the Apple Watch patent dispute

US21-05-2018Paul J Sutton

A patent case filed against Apple and its watch products provides some interesting food for thought, says Paul J Sutton of Sutton Magidoff.

Good news, despite some gaps

Cayman Islands21-05-2018Sophie Davies

The Cayman Islands’ new trademark law, which came into effect in August 2017, has brought important positive changes, even if there were a few bumps in the road, as Sophie Davies of HSM explains.

Finding the right knowledge management solution

UK21-05-2018James Cooper and Caitlin Kavanagh

Pat-KM provides access to global patent data with integrated workflow for monitoring, classification and dissemination of relevant patent records, say James Cooper and Caitlin Kavanagh of Minesoft.

Effective GUI protection in China

China21-05-2018Xiaojun Guo

The “two-prong” test under the existing patent law framework makes it difficult to enforce a GUI design patent. To do this, certain changes will have to be made to the law, says Xiaojun Guo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

A New Day for Designs

International, US20-05-2018

As brands increasingly turn to designs to protect their IP, a panel yesterday provided some tips for how to manage risk in this crucial area. Sarah Morgan reports.

Covering All Your Bases

International, US20-05-2018

For large multinational companies, brand protection is a matter of combining an assertive approach to discovering infringement with proactive steps to securing rights, as Sarah Morgan reports.

The Journey We Do at Dinner

International, Scotland, US20-05-2018

One of the first sessions of this year’s Annual Meeting shone a spotlight on the unique role of geographical indications, as Aislinn Burton reports.

Closing the IP Knowledge Gap

International, US20-05-2018

Tish Berard, INTA’s 2018 President, is eager to raise awareness among small to medium-sized enterprises and non-IP professionals about the importance of IP, as she tells Ed Conlon.

Showing 61 to 70 of 2542 results