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Career series: Sasha Lazarevich

07-01-2020Sasha Lazarevich

IP crimes prosecutor Sasha Lazarevich, deputy city attorney at the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney, reveals her past inspirations and current motivations.

What’s in the USPTO’s 2019 Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance update?

24-12-2019Ryan N Phelan

Ryan N Phelan of Marshall Gerstein Borun offers a helpful guide to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s updated guidance on subject matter eligibility.

The power of mentoring

International23-12-2019Gretchen Stroud

Mentored workers feel more satisfied with and more committed to their careers, and a mentor may be a catalyst for a dramatic career change or a gentle nudge to move forward. Gretchen Stroud of Gilead Sciences explores the benefits.

Femtech: flying the flag for women’s health and innovators

International02-12-2019Anna Jackson

As well as targeting treatments for women’s health, femtech will be part of the movement towards personalised medicine for everyone, says Anna Jackson of Kirkland & Ellis.

Orphan works: Classifying the unknown

Mexico29-11-2019Marina Espitia Dager

The lack of an ‘orphan work’ principle in Mexico’s copyright law is diluting the IP rights of the country’s unknown, lost or hidden authors, Marina Espitia Dager of Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff argues.

Comparing eligibility in the US and Japan

Japan29-11-2019James L Korenchann, Michael D Anderson and Yukio Oishi

Business method and software claim patents are often seen unfavourably in the US, but it’s a different story in Japan. James Korenchan and Michael Anderson of McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff and Yukio Oishi of TMI Associates outline the importance of understanding where the Japanese Patent Office stands on subject matter eligibility.

Website blocking orders: Game on

28-11-2019Anna Ward and David Rose

Nintendo’s successful blocking injunction against websites distributing infringing devices may open the door for similar orders in non-IP cases, as Anna Ward and David Rose of Mishcon de Reya explain.

Maghreb region: Lands of plenty

Africa, Morocco, Tunisia28-11-2019Pascal Haddad and Namir Sioufi

The Maghreb region, comprising Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, offers opportunities for investors and IP rights owners. Pascal Haddad and Namir Sioufi of Saba IP report.

Darts-ip: Data for all

Belgium28-11-2019Evrard van Zuylen

A trademark lawyer met some IT specialists, and they created a company aiming to put the entire world’s IP decisions at lawyers’ fingertips. Tom Phillips met Evrard van Zuylen of Darts-ip to find out more.

Advertisement feature: Solving the searching?


Octimine is a patent search system that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct sophisticated patent searches. Dennemeyer explains how it works.

Showing 61 to 70 of 2998 results


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