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Femtech: from taboo to multibillion-dollar industry

International02-10-2023Liz Hockley

Technology is continuing to transform women’s healthcare and female inventors are driving the change—but more needs to be done to ensure they secure IP rights, finds Liz Hockley.

Why nuclear fusion breakthroughs should herald an IP race

UK29-09-2023Emma Graham and Alex Savin

Recent breakthroughs in nuclear fusion ignition represent a significant licensing opportunity that could provide much-needed revenue for commercial fusion energy projects, write Emma Graham and Alex Savin at Mewburn Ellis.

IP licence agreements: an overview

International29-09-2023Júlia Alves Coutinho

IP owners rely on licence agreements to monetise and protect their rights. Júlia Alves Coutinho of Inventa shares an overview of what a typical licence covers and how it works.

How Pinterest’s win over a photographer at the Fed Circ tested the DMCA

26-09-2023Sarah Speight

A failed argument on the position of the platform’s adverts on users' feeds provides an important perspective for creators and content platforms alike, finds Sarah Speight.

South Africa: Signs of the (regulatory) times

South Africa25-09-2023Kim Rampersadh, Adams & Adams

New labelling and advertising rules will affect vegetarian biltong, vapes and cryptocurrencies, among other sectors, explains Kim Rampersadh of Adams & Adams.

Can viral social media trends be protected under IP law?

20-09-2023Marisa Woutersen

Spontaneous viral trends on social media may become business opportunities but attaching IP rights to them can be complicated, as Marisa Woutersen discovers.

Getty Images and copyright case studies in China

China18-09-2023Haoyu Feng and Jia Li

Creators need evidence if they are to prove infringement—but this doesn't seem to put off some claimants, explain Haoyu Feng and Jia Li of Chofn in a guide to China copyright enforcement.

Will the Rugby World Cup tackle 'Out of the Boks' ads?

South Africa15-09-2023Nishaat Slamdien

Eskort employed risky tactics with its cheeky reference to the Rugby World Cup—but will it be deemed IP infringement, asks Nishaat Slamdien of Spoor & Fisher.

LK-99 and the quest to patent a room-temp superconductor

Korea14-09-2023Robert McFarlane

An invention that claims to exist at the threshold of operability? The US patent office has been here before, writes Robert McFarlane of Hanson Bridgett.

Vorsprung durch music: Will electric cars drive an increase in sound trademarks?

EU12-09-2023Lee Curtis

Porsche’s unsuccessful attempt to register an ‘engine noise’ could pave the way for EVs to make more unusual sounds—even music, comments Lee Curtis of HGF.

Showing 61 to 70 of 3991 results