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WIPR Annual 2020 Business Brief: Greece

Greece10-08-2020Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis

Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis of Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners outline IP law in Greece.

The domain protection game


As the pandemic increases the risk of online fraud, one company is helping brands fight back. WIPR met with Stuart Fuller of CentralNIC Group to find out more.

Japan: A major design change

Japan10-08-2020Ryo Maruyama

Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office reports on the new protection offered under the recently amended Japanese Design Law.

Contingency fees: a cautionary tale

10-08-2020Paul J Sutton

Paul J Sutton of Sutton Magidoff Barkume provides the cautionary tale of a patent attorney agreeing to work on a contingency fee basis and the series of unfortunate events that follow.

Romania: the right to replay

Romania10-08-2020Nicoleta Anghelescu

In Romania, an opposer can launch a trademark opposition and a trademark invalidation on identical grounds, as Nicoleta Anghelescu of Cabinet Enpora IP explains.

Financial compensation: the winding road to end backlog?

India07-08-2020Mohini V and Aarti Aggarwal

Traditionally, damages awards in India have been few and far between. But, as pending litigation continues to stack up, courts in India are beginning to respond and award damages across the board. Mohini V and Aarti Aggarwal of Remfry & Sagar report.

The mystery and mastery of double patenting

EU, Italy07-08-2020Marco Conti

Marco Conti of Bugnion sheds light on the issue of double patenting across the EU and in Italy.

Exploiting patent data—without breaking the bank

International, UK07-08-2020Caitlin Kavanagh

Caitlin Kavanagh of Minesoft outlines the vital importance of patent data and explains why patent monitoring should be taken seriously by all businesses.

The heavy burden of a peculiar requirement

India07-08-2020Joginder Singh and Chirag Bansal

In the Indian patent regime, there is a unusual requirement: that of filing a statement on the commercial exploitation of granted patents. Joginder Singh and Chirag Bansal of LexOrbis report.

Understanding grounds for defence

India07-08-2020NV Saisunder

Defences of descriptiveness and acquiescence under infringement actions in India hold risks for both defendants and plaintiffs, as NV Saisunder of Eshwars reports.

Showing 61 to 70 of 3113 results


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