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Russia jurisdiction report: A new system to rival Madrid?

Russia25-11-2019Riikka Palmos

You may have heard rumours about a new trademark protection system created in Eurasia. What exactly does the Eurasian region encompass, and how does the new system work?

US jurisdiction report: The importance of patent indemnification

25-11-2019Paul J Sutton

Practitioners in the area of patent and IP law encounter issues involving indemnification on a regular basis. These issues often arise in the context of writing or interpreting agreements of all kinds. For example, patent licence agreements often include clauses which relate directly to all manners of indemnification.

Bun fight

EU, Ireland22-11-2019Rory O'Neill

In January 2019, an Irish fast-food chain made headlines around the world when it prompted the cancellation of McDonald’s ‘Big Mac’ trademark. WIPR’s Rory O’Neill speaks to the lawyer who made it possible.

Influential Women in IP: Changing perceptions inside and out

05-11-2019Sarah Morgan

Ros Lynch, copyright and IP enforcement director at the UK Intellectual Property Office, speaks candidly to WIPR’s Sarah Morgan about being a black woman in the Civil Service and preparing for Brexit.

Unwired Planet: Another UK battle over sovereignty

30-10-2019Jim Beveridge

Brexit and the Unwired Planet appeal reveal intertwined issues coming to a head in London this autumn, argues Jim Beveridge of the Innovators' Network.

Emoji TMs: an emotional journey

International28-10-2019Robert Reading

Trademark registers could become an important battleground as emojis move beyond messaging apps, Robert Reading of CompuMark tells WIPR.

ASIPI 2019: Cultural capital

Australia, New Zealand, Peru28-10-2019Rory O'Neill

Indigenous and traditional knowledge encompasses the notion of rightful ownership over cultural expressions, language, and customs. Today there is an expectation on all IP owners and IP offices to respect the cultures and innovations of indigenous people. Rory O’Neill reports on the approach of IP offices in several countries.

ASIPI 2019: A growing market

Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru28-10-2019Tom Phillips

The protection of IP rights for plant varieties is very important for future innovations in yields, disease reduction and food safety, as Tom Phillips discovers.

ASIPI 2019: The biopiracy problem

Costa Rica, Peru28-10-2019Tom Phillips

Biopiracy is the theft of genetic resources from some of the most diverse and vulnerable habitats on earth. Tom Phillips examines the issue ahead of a session at ASIPI.

ASIPI 2019: Form or function?

Hungary, Peru28-10-2019Tom Phillips

Should a product’s aesthetic elements be viable for protection in their own right? Courts across the world struggle to agree on what is protectable. Tom Phillips previews a session on the topic.

Showing 41 to 50 of 2953 results


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