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UPC: a French perspective

EU12-10-2017Marianne Schaffner and Colin Devinant

With Paris due to play a key role in the Unified Patent Court, Marianne Schaffner and Colin Devinant of Dechert offer the view from France on current events.

Madrid System: local knowledge is best

Mexico12-10-2017Christian Thomae and Jonathan Rangel

If you have an international registration that designates Mexico, using local counsel is crucial to avoiding sticky legal situations, say Christian Thomae and Jonathan Rangel of Dumont.

Legislation in Turkey: down with the Decrees

Turkey12-10-2017Mine Güner, Canan Aktaş and Selma Yılmaz

Since the replacement of several Decrees with one IP Law, Turkey now offers a much stronger system for protecting rights, particularly trademarks, as Mine Güner, Canan Aktaş and Selma Yılmaz of Esin Attorney Partnership explain.

Online advertising: the key to success

Germany, International11-10-2017Sabrina Machei

Not every use of another party’s trademark as a keyword or metatag is illegal, but it will be if it leads to confusion or is used to deceive customers, says Sabrina Machei of Dennemeyer & Associates.

Africa's IP system: doing business with the sleeping giant

Africa10-10-2017João Francisco Sá

Africa’s IP systems may be more similar to those of Europe than IP owners realise, making it easier for companies looking to invest in the region, says João Francisco Sá of Inventa International.

Machines, artificial intelligence and IP departments

International10-10-2017Volker Spitz

While artificial intelligence is unlikely to replace IP departments overnight, it may have an increasingly influential role in the medium and long term, as Volker Spitz of Brandstock finds out.

The return of the doctrine of equivalents

UK09-10-2017Geoff Hussey and Varuni Paranavitane

In a very significant decision, the UK Supreme Court has changed the test for patent infringement, reintroducing a doctrine of equivalents across much of Europe. Geoff Hussey and Varuni Paranavitane of AA Thornton report.

ASEAN: towards greater harmony

Philippines06-10-2017Rowanie Nakan

The Philippines plays an active role in helping to improve harmonisation and cooperation efforts in the area of IP, as Rowanie Nakan of Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia reports.

The impact of Alice: a swinging pendulum


The US Supreme Court’s decision in Alice v CLS Bank led to an increase in the number of patents being invalidated under section 101, but the pendulum may be swinging, as WIPR finds out.

ASEAN focus: don’t be lost in translation

Malaysia, Vietnam05-10-2017

Companies in the ASEAN region should consider registering their trademarks in official local languages in order to protect their brands, advises Kiran Dharsan Seiter of Seiter IP Consultants.

Showing 41 to 50 of 2321 results


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