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E-commerce: Policing the portals in India

India31-05-2019Ranjan Narula and Akanksha Kar

India’s fast-growing e-commerce markets are facing tougher sanctions to prevent the sale of fakes. Ranjan Narula and Akanksha Kar of RNA outline their obligations.

Brand protection: Defining return on investment

International30-05-2019Jan Maarten Laurijssen

Brand protection is now so sophisticated that trademark owners can measure its value to the business, says Jan Maarten Laurijssen of Pointer Brand Protection.

Corporate social responsibility: it’s a serious matter

International30-05-2019Mikael Kolehmainen

Today the message is loud and clear: CSR and sustainability must be a holistic part of any business, says Mikael Kolehmainen of TrademarkNow.

Scandalous marks: Just what the %$*£@ is registrable?


The US Supreme Court is to weigh in on registration of scandalous marks in Iancu v Brunetti. Robert J. Kenney and Michael T. Smith of BSKB report.

Madrid protocol: The road to Madrid

Brazil30-05-2019Robert Daniel Shores

Final discussions are underway for Brazil’s joining of the Madrid Protocol, and here is what you need to know, says Robert Daniel Shores of Daniel Law.

Patent law: Voluntary divisional patent applications

Mexico30-05-2019Edith Rivero

Changes to Mexico’s patent laws have ignored issues over voluntary divisional applications, explains Edith Rivero of Dumont.

Investing in the future of IP docketing

International30-05-2019Ewa Mattsson and Laura Katjang

An efficient back office is crucial to the success of any IP department or law firm. Ewa Mattsson and Laura Katjang of Patrix IP Helpware examine how advances in case management technology are changing the future of their profession.

Data security: In the Brazilian carnival, who are you?

Brazil28-05-2019José Roberto de Almeida and Rodrigo Cantarino

Even if society understands that this is an acceptable situation, adding facial recognition cameras in Rio brings up a whole spectrum of responsibilities and choices that must be addressed, say José Roberto Almeida and Rodrigo Cantarino of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados.

Making a mark: how Bacardi proved distinctiveness

EU28-05-2019Elena Galletti

Challenging a EUIPO decision resulted in a victory for Bacardi and a shift in what constitutes ‘distinctiveness’, says Elena Galletti of Brandstock.

Winning preliminary injunctions

China28-05-2019Deqiang Zhu

Proving urgency and irreparable harm when trying to achieve injunctions in China is not easy, but there are examples that show how it can be done, says Deqiang Zhu of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

Showing 41 to 50 of 2864 results