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China trademarks: How to use non-use

China10-11-2021Haoyu Feng

Non-use cancellations are widely used in China but the procedure can cause headaches for trademark owners, explains Haoyu Feng of Chofn IP.

Australia: Is there an Australian rocket docket for pharma?

Australia10-11-2021Naomi Pearce and Katrina Crooks

Australian Federal Court judges are prepared to expedite patent disputes when they are satisfied that the commercial reality requires it, and to use case management strategies to avoid foreseeable litigation quagmires. While there is no “rocket docket” in Australia, we have seen complex pharma patent disputes set down for hearing within five, ten and 11 months of filing in the New South Wales and Victorian registries.

Mexico: Declaration of use for renewals in Mexico

Mexico09-11-2021Miguel García Talamantes

Amendments to Mexico’s IP laws came into force on August 10, 2018, and made declarations of use mandatory upon renewing all trademark registrations.

France: Registration of sound trademarks

France08-11-2021Aurélia Marie

On July 7, 2021, the General Court ruled for the first time on an EU sound trademark in the form of an audio file, submitted by Ardagh Metal Beverage Holdings.

Africa IP helpdesk: bridging continents

Africa, EU04-11-2021Muireann Bolger

The EU’s Africa IP SME helpdesk aims to support economic growth in Africa while presenting new economic frontiers for EU businesses, finds Muireann Bolger.

The Clock Is Ticking as .xxx Trademark Protection Ends Soon but There’s Good News for Brands

International04-11-2021Tony Kirsch

In 2011, ICM Registry launched a groundbreaking domain blocking service that allowed trademark owners to defensively block their marks from public registration in the .xxx namespace, commonly referred to as ‘Sunrise B’ registrations.

IP exhaustion: One man’s trash

Russia29-10-2021Vladimir Biriulin

A case involving resold car parts forced Russia’s courts to revisit its IP exhaustion rules—with a positive outcome for trademark owners, says Vladimir Biriulin of Gorodissky & Partners.

'Naked' use: the Fed Circuit’s interpretation of standing

27-10-2021Julia-Anne Matheson

The Federal Circuit’s finding that an Australian contraceptive wholesaler can challenge a rival’s US registration stands after the US Supreme Court declined a request for a review. Julia Anne Matheson of Potomac Law unpacks the decision.

Typical punitive damages in IP cases

China22-10-2021Haiyu Li and Haoyu Feng

China’s official case studies offer IP owners a guide to getting results against infringers, say Haiyu Li and Haoyu Feng of Chofn IP.

Sponsored content: Mercado Libre presents its second Transparency Report


The purpose of the report is to inform about Mercado Libre's efforts to guarantee the security of its digital services. In this second report, we extended the scope of the information shared and included additional data provided to the authorities in compliance with their requests for information.

Showing 41 to 50 of 3423 results