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3M’s litigation crusade: the price-gouging saga

05-06-2020Angela He and Zachary Alinder

What lessons can be learned from 3M’s determined campaign against the alleged price-gouging of its face masks? Angela He and Zachary Alinder of Sideman & Bancroft report.

The great exodus

International04-06-2020Sarah Morgan

Bullying, a dearth of opportunities and lower pay are just some of the reasons why the legal profession is bleeding its minority groups. Sarah Morgan investigates.

A culture of growth and equality

Iceland03-06-2020Sarah Morgan

Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, director general of the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office, sees massive opportunities at a time when Iceland’s economy is at a turning point, drawing on its old industries to drive innovation, as she tells Sarah Morgan.

Reclaiming language: are IP offices behind the times?

International03-06-2020Rory O'Neill

Last year the UK Intellectual Property Office ran into the same problem that its US counterpart faced three years ago: what happens when the meaning of traditionally offensive or abusive terms changes, and how should IP offices react? Rory O’Neill reports.

Disability: the hidden stigma

International, Nigeria03-06-2020Sarah Morgan

Diversity initiatives are gaining traction across the legal profession, but one characteristic has been left behind: disability. Disabilities of all kinds are rarely talked about in legal circles, and much less seen. Sarah Morgan investigates what can be done.

Evolving inclusivity— designing a modern platform for success for all

02-06-2020Karen Fraser

The categorisation of individuals due to gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation doesn’t encourage equality and we should be working harder to inspire both men and women to drive real change, says Karen Fraser of UDL Intellectual Property.

Silicon Valley’s ‘bro culture’: faulty pipeline, or old fashioned misogyny?

02-06-2020Rory O'Neill

The tech industry has started to acknowledge its problem with sexism and diversity, and is publishing more data than ever on its workforce. But is any real progress being made? Rory O’Neill reports.

Career series: Gemma Wooden, EIP

02-06-2020Gemma Wooden

After leaving academia in 2012, Gemma Wooden joined EIP as a trainee patent attorney, before becoming a partner earlier this year. Here, Wooden outlines how she helped discover the Higgs boson and her search for a job which offers a peek into the future of technology.

Protecting the entrepreneurial spirit

Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland02-06-2020Sarah Morgan

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy route to take. But when you’re an indigenous woman, it can be even tougher. Sarah Morgan interviews bold women about their experiences and the role IP can play in empowerment.

WIPO: The pressing need for equality

International, Switzerland02-06-2020Francis Gurry

As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing diversity and achieving gender equality is even more important, says Francis Gurry, director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Showing 41 to 50 of 3055 results


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