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Monkey business: Seth Green’s bored ape NFT and a barrel of IP issues


The alleged theft of actor Seth Green’s “bored ape” non-fungible token has highlighted some unsettled IP issues, says Mauricio Uribe of Knobbe Martens.

Copying, caterpillar cakes, and camper vans

China, EU, UK17-06-2022

Was a caterpillar cake suit between Marks & Spencer and Aldi ‘likely to fail’? A panel at INTA this year unpicked the case and similar disputes from around the world.

‘Top Gun’ author’s estate targets Paramount

International17-06-2022Sarah Speight

The winners of a legal dogfight over “Top Gun: Maverick” will be decided by the finer details of US copyright law, finds Sarah Speight.

Can brands help save the world?

International16-06-2022Tom Phillips

The catastrophic effects of a global temperature rise were laid bare this year. How can brands and those who work with them make a difference? Tom Phillips explores.

Lidl v Tesco: wordless logos suit speaks volumes

UK16-06-2022Muireann Bolger

Poacher turns gamekeeper in Lidl’s dispute with Tesco, as supermarkets scrap for shares of a tough marketplace, finds Muireann Bolger.

UPDATED: US fast-tracks green tech under new scheme

15-06-2022Sarah Speight

The USPTO’s plan to fast-track green tech patents may be welcome news for innovators and the planet, but how will it work and who benefits? Sarah Speight investigates.

4D printing: how to protect space-age tech

15-06-2022PrintingJoão Francisco Sá

While legal practitioners and legislators struggle with 3D printing in European design law, a new revolution is slowly happening: 4D printing. João Francisco Sá of Inventa reports.

Selling the intangible in fashion: what does it mean for trademark protection?

15-06-2022Cynthia Walden and Sarah Kelleher

As major fashion brands launch their own non-fungible tokens, others are testing the limits of trademark enforcement in the digital realm, say Cynthia Walden and Sarah Kelleher of Fish & Richardson.

Power to the press publishers?

EU, UK14-06-2022Mark Nichols and Autumn Gibson

Google has responded to pressure over Article 15, but is it in the spirit of the Copyright Directive, ask Mark Nichols and Autumn Gibson of Potter Clarkson.

Brand afterlives

International13-06-2022Muireann Bolger

Even the strongest brands can prove vulnerable to the winds of fortune, but their owners and brand guardians can find life after death if they discover the right formula, says Muireann Bolger.

Showing 41 to 50 of 3553 results