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Evicting the squatters


The expansion of available domain names continues apace. New gTLDs and more opportunities to use ccTLDs provide businesses with extra places to do business online. But with that comes danger, as Claudia Strola explains.

Tackling counterfeiters where it hurts the most: the allure of the ITC


Addressing trademark infringement traditionally begins with a cease and desist letter backed by the threat of legal action. But whereas flexing litigation muscles in state or federal court may be effective in enforcing domestic infringement, it is often inadequate to halt infringement originating abroad. Nicole McLaughlin looks at the case for the International Trade Commission.

Online issues at the ECJ

EU, Poland01-01-2011Anna Szajna and Maria Jurek

Since Poland’s accession to the EU, judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) have been part of the Polish law and are applied directly with priority to national law. Anna Szajna and Maria Jurek take a look at the key cases.

Monitoring your brand online


For companies with a global presence, managing an international domain name portfolio has become an increasingly complex and important challenge, explains Elisa Cooper.

New gTLDs and the cost of progress


In June 2011, ICANN will announce when the new gTLD application process will open. Nick Wood considers the costs, benefits, risks and responsibilities associated with applying for trademark owners.

Upcoming changes to .ca domain dispute policy

Canada01-01-2011Victoria Carrington

Canada’s domain name dispute policy has been the subject of a year-long review, which will see the introduction of changes that should make the process more efficient. Victoria Carrington explains.

Contextual advertising - a free ride for infringers?

India01-01-2011Nishchal Anand and Lakshmi Kruttika Vijay

You need a new phone and you want to search for the ‘best available options’. What do you do, and what are the risks? Nishchal Anand and Lakshmi Kruttika Vijay explain.

Stefan Krawczyk: eBay


WIPR talks to eBay's head of the government relations team.

Nathalie Moullé-Berteaux: Lacoste


WIPR talks to Lacoste's vice president of global public and legal affairs.

IP Summit, December 2-3, 2010: general highlights


The organisers at Premier Cercle have managed to put together an outstanding programme of high-level conferences and workshops for the fourth pan-European Intellectual Property Summit since 2004.

Showing 3511 to 3520 of 3740 results


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