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Negative statements in patent applications

Germany01-06-2010Jens Künzel

A recent decision of Germany’s Federal Supreme Court in Fischdosendeckel (Fish Tin Cap) concerns the somewhat strange case of negative statements about a competitor’s products in the specification of a patent.

Colour combination trademarks under scrutiny

Hungary01-06-2010Michael Lantos

A Hungarian pharmaceutical company filed a trademark application for a colour/figurative use of the word ‘MultiKid’ with a list of goods.

Trademark confusion in the entertainment industry

India01-06-2010Manisha Singh Nair

A trademark denotes exclusivity and is part of a business’s goodwill. It identifies the products or services of that business. It is also a mark of quality of the product or service offered.

The Madrid Protocol and Israeli football pools

Israel01-06-2010Michael Factor

In a much-anticipated development, Israel is to accede to the Madrid Protocol on September 1, 2010. This will make it easier and cheaper for foreign entities to register marks in Israel.

IP law reforms on the horizon

Malaysia01-06-2010Lim Eng Leong

The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives & Consumerism (MDTCC) has recently looked into reviewing all IP acts in Malaysia.

Good expert, good case


A good expert witness can make the difference between winning and losing a case. So can a bad one. WIPR looks at how to pick the best possible person.

Speeding things up in Taiwan

01-04-2010Joy Pan and Grace Shao

Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office has recently introduced an accelerated examination programme for patent applications that have already been submitted in other jurisdictions. Joy Pan and Grace Shao explain.

Boosting foreign technology transfers and brand licensing

India01-04-2010Nirupam Lodha and Kshitij Sharma

Recent changes to rules on foreign investment should make it easier for companies to conclude technology transfer and licensing agreements, say Nirupam Lodha and Kshitij Sharma.

An interview with Francis Gurry


Francis Gurry took over as director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2008. The job is the culmination of a 25-year career at WIPO and presents a unique set of challenges.

Suspending IP rights

Brazil01-04-2010Otto Licks and Rodrigo Souto Maior

Brazil’s President Lula has enacted Provisional Measure No. 482, providing statutory authority to government agencies to issue compulsory licences, expropriate IP rights and suspend the obligation to maintain an IP regime with minimum standards, as provided by the TRIPs agreement.

Showing 3441 to 3450 of 3556 results


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