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ECTA conference 2011: Stockholm


The European Community Trademark Association’s annual conference saw a lively discussion about ICANN and the new top level domains.

LESI conference 2011


This year’s LESI conference focused on how licensing executives can best commercialise IP in a time of rapid technological change.

New TLDs: a threat or an opportunity?


ICANN recently voted to approve the roll-out of new top level domains, in a move that could transform the way we use the Internet. But for brand owners, it is a double-edged sword.

Rise of the TLDs: an interview with Kurt Pritz


As ICANN prepares to launch its new top level domain programme, WIPR talks to Kurt Pritz, senior vice president of stakeholder relations at ICANN, about how IP owners will be protected.

An interview with Boris Simonov


WIPR talks to Boris Simonov, director general of Russia's Federal Service for Intellectual Property, about changes to the country's IP framework and a growing need for innovation.

Clearing the road: car designs in China

China01-08-2011Chuanhong Long and Zhesheng Xin

China’s Supreme People’s Court has tried a case on determining the similarity of designs, and issued a retrial judgment of directive significance. Chuanhong Long and Zhesheng Xin explain.

The utility of utility models in India

India01-08-2011Pankaj Soni

Indian companies find themselves hamstrung by an inability to protect innovations and improvements to existing technologies. The time has come for a utility model regime, says Pankaj Soni.

What next for the BRICS group?

Russia01-08-2011Vladimir Biriulin

In December 2010, South Africa was formally asked to join the BRIC group. Vladimir Biriulin considers the future of BRIC+S and the emerging IP issues in member country Russia.

Mitigating risk through effective IP rights management

01-08-2011Adam Wylie

Law firms looking to reduce the risks associated with the management of IP rights are advised to consider outsourcing to a specialist service provider, suggests Adam Wylie.

Living off fame: protecting a celebrity's name in India

India01-08-2011Amritesh Mishra

Globalisation of the market has made it essential to protect a celebrity’s name. Amritesh Mishra considers how India is equipped to protect celebrity rights.

Showing 3411 to 3420 of 3926 results


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