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Manufacturers versus distributors: who owns the trademarks?

Philippines01-08-2010Anne Mariae Celeste V. Jumadla

The Supreme Court promulgated its decision in Superior Commercial Enterprises, Inc. v. Kunnan Enterprises Ltd., affirming its previous ruling that the registration of a trademark by an exclusive distributor belongs to the manufacturer.

Football crazy: famous marks in Thailand

Thailand01-08-2010Kowit Somwaiya and Prasantaya Bantadtan

Thailand’s administrative authorities and judiciary protect well-known marks very effectively.

No fireworks at the Supreme Court as Bilski finally comes to an end


When Bernard Bilski and Rand Warsaw applied to patent a method of hedging risks in commodities trading, no one would have predicted that the application would result in one of the most important patent cases in history.

An interview with Tetsuhiro Hosono


Japan’s patent office is one of the world’s busiest and most influential. WIPR spoke to Commissioner Tetsuhiro Hosono about challenges and strategies at home and abroad.

File-sharing in the limelight


During the 1980s, the VCR challenged US copyright law with its infringing capability. The questions answered then have produced new ones for file-sharing technology to answer today.

Business value through knowledge management

01-08-2010Edward Keyes and Jason White

In these straitened times, companies looking to save money would be well advised to consider a knowledge management platform, suggest Edward Keyes and Jason White.

Big brands secure .CO domain names ahead of general availability

01-08-2010Nicolai Bezsonoff

The .CO Registry has generated a lot of buzz in connection with the global launch of the .CO top level domain by adopting a variety of industry-leading best practices that place a premium on protecting the rights of brand owners worldwide.

Smart thinking to beat the downturn

01-08-2010Ross Bulla

Discretion is essential when acquiring and registering trademarks, trade names and domain names on behalf of organisations that are rebranding their products and services, explains Ross Bulla.

Who can judge the internet?

India01-08-2010Thomas George

As the Internet continues to grow in importance, it is vital to know what powers national courts have to assert jurisdiction over websites based in foreign countries. Thomas George looks at the situation in India.

What's the difference? Protection for industrial designs

01-08-2010Amit Mahajan

The industrial design of a commercially produced product relates primarily to its aesthetics and has no relationship to its function, but there is some overlap between its protection and patent and copyright law, says Amit Mahajan.

Showing 3411 to 3420 of 3576 results