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Update on PCT applications in Thailand

Thailand01-12-2010Kowit Somwaiya and Prasantaya Bantadtan

Thailand acceded to the Patent Cooperation Treaty on September 24, 2009, as the 142nd contracting party, effective from December 24, 2009.

Trademark frustrations in Turkey

Turkey01-12-2010Isik Ozdogan and Ezgi Baklaci

The acceptability of consent letters, co-existence agreements and sister company arrangements are often explored by the applicants whose trademarks are provisionally refused based on a prior registration in Turkey.

Indirect infringement of patents

UK01-12-2010Sebastian Moore and Daniel Pearce

Until now, there was little guidance from the UK courts on the scope of indirect (or contributory) patent infringement under section 60(2) of the Patents Act, 1977 (PA77).

Avoid false patent marking pitfalls

01-12-2010Paul J. Sutton

False patent marking has become an increasingly popular ‘bounty hunting’ basis for US litigation. The targets of such false lawsuits face huge legal fees and potentially huge monetary judgments.

Personal jurisdiction and the online marketplace

01-12-2010Robert Kenney and Katie Peden

The Second Circuit’s August 5, 2010 ruling in Chloe v. Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, LLC is a victory for trademark owners in the area of personal jurisdiction over accused online counterfeiters.

Opening up: Mozilla talks trademarks


Mozilla maintains its brand in an open-source environment. WIPR talks to Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s general counsel, to find out how trademarks like Firefox can be part of a trusting relationship.

An interview with Benoît Battistelli, European Patent Organisation


Benoît Battistelli became the European patent office’s president in July, after a protracted election process. WIPR spoke to him about his initial tasks and future plans.

Paying dividends: IP and green energy


The BP oil spill was a stark reminder that alternatives to oil must be found, and fast. WIPR looks at the role intellectual property can play in meeting that challenge.

MARQUES conference 2010


WIPR talks to MARQUES council chairman Guido Baumgartner about his aspirations for this year's conference and the challenges facing trademark practitioners worldwide.

Parallel imports in India


Recent Indian court cases have clarified the rules on parallel imports, but there are still some grey areas, says Himanshu Bagai.

Showing 3391 to 3400 of 3576 results